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IT Skills Shortage: Expectations for 2013

HELP signFor the past few years, we have continued to read and hear about common buzzwords such as Cloud and Mobile. As new technologies emerge, we are beginning to see how these trending topics are taking shape in both small and large organizations. While not all companies are ready to pull the trigger and make enterprise wide decisions as it relates to Cloud, Mobile and Web, all organizations will in some way be affected by the technical skill shortage of the following skills sets in 2013.

Cloud – One of the biggest trends that the IT field is going to see over the next few years is an increase in cloud services/cloud computing. Needless to say, this is going to cause an increased demand for IT professionals with the skills to support this growth. From developers, to project managers, to support professionals, the cloud will continue to increase the demand of a wide range of IT backgrounds. In particular, individuals with experience in virtualization, API technologies and various web technologies will see the largest explosion in demand.

iOS – Ever heard of  Apple, Inc? Well this trendy company is not going away anytime soon. Gartner predicts that this year mobile phones will overtake PC’s as the most used device to access the web (Gartner article). Currently, Apple’s iOS platform is the most popular with Android trailing in second and Window’s 8 making a big push to be a contender in the war for user loyalty. As mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad continue to increase in usage, so does the demand for experienced developers skilled in objective C, Xcode and iOS development.  The rise in tablet and smartphone popularity is not confined to just Apple. However, the technical shortage seems to be higher amongst iOS. Consumers and businesses alike are changing the way they interact, driving the need for developers who understand this new frontier.

JavaScript – Continuing along the same lines of mobile and tablet development, let’s talk a moment about JavaScript. Breaking news: Flash is out and JavaScript is in. JavaScript is the technology that makes the Web interactive, and never before have companies needed and wanted to interact more with their clients, consumers, and followers. This is driving the demand for JavaScript and related technologies, especially JSON and jQuery. Therefore developers with these skills will likely see an increase in job prospects as companies interface needs continue to grow.

We are already seeing a high demand from our clients in each of these areas, and as 2013 continues to unfold, we believe the need will continue to increase. The shortage of technical skill sets this year will largely be based on the individual organization. But we believe that every company has or will be facing the need for the technical expertise described above.

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