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2014 Trending Technologies and What It Means For Your Business

2013 saw an incredible demand for professionals with expertise in Cloud technologies, iOS, and JavaScript to help businesses achieve their immediate needs and set long-term goals in motion.  The result? Some of these technologies solidified their importance to organizations and have continued to evolve, creating new opportunity for organizations in the marketplace. Others saw their momentum slow, demonstrating the need for consistent re-evaluation.  So, which technologies are poised to trend in 2014 and beyond?

A Look at Trending Technologies in 2014.

Mobile Devices: Gadget Diversity and Apps vs. Applications
It’s a pretty safe bet that, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably connected to other people and the internet for a good portion of each day through a computer (laptop or PC), smartphone or tablet. The market of mobile technology was revolutionized last year with the introduction of Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy Gear.  But these two are not the first available to the public as wearable technology. Nike, Fitbit, and Jawbone have created health tracking technologies to help people remain constantly aware of how “active” they are at any moment in the day.  With these ever present changes to the size and function of devices we keep on our person comes incredible opportunity for developers. Put simply – these devices need apps.  We aren’t talking about just the functional apps, this includes apps that make using your accessory more entertaining through gamification. For developers, that also means you can’t just specialize in either iOS or Android. You’ve got to know both – and know them well.  According to Gartner, we should expect to see companies moving away from the creation of large-scale applications and instead moving toward creation of smaller apps that occupy less storage space.

The Reintroduction of the Internet of Everything
The past few years have brought an introduction to a number of internet-connected devices that equip people with a constant connection to each other and the web, providing real time information on a host of different topics. The objective for companies should focus on more than simply connecting with consumers through the web, but through every connected device and medium.  With companies like AT&T introducing remote home security (immediate video feed, temperature control, and door lock access), plus LG and Samsung manufacturing smart refrigerators that allow you to operate your appliances through an app, it is becoming more evident that almost anything will soon have the option of being operated through an internet connection.  The ease of access to these functions in the past had proven to be a challenge to manufacturing companies before the use of a WiFi connection.  Today’s connectivity means that challenge has largely been eradicated.

Big Data from 2013 into 2014
Big Data is probably the most over-used term from last year.  Many companies had high expectations of the insight that big data would provide.  Instead, there were flaws that were exposed while attempting to collect actionable information.  It is expected that the “stacking” process will be improved over the coming year, but it will not advance at the rate that was predicted in previous years. There is no doubt big data will continue to impact the industry in 2014 and beyond, but be prepared for new challenges and opportunities that will come as the wrinkles are ironed out.

IT Security
With multiple data hacks resulting in NSA scrutiny and consumer confidence in companies like Target and Nieman Marcus lacking comes increased awareness of and demand for IT security skills. Expectations are that organizations will be held to a tighter set of security demands to protect consumer and business data, and talented IT security professionals will be needed to meet the demand.

Cloud Technology (and Everything Related to it)
It’s pretty simple: physical storage devices are on the way out, and cloud technology continues to explode. Reliance on cloud technology is expected to continually increase in 2014, and with an increase in companies requesting more offerings from cloud service providers, plus the possibility of Cloud as a Service, demand for experienced cloud professionals will rise.

Also be on the lookout for new positions to arise in the coming years like CSB (Cloud Service Broker), plus as roles evolve, companies will need to find talent to manage things like aggregation, integration and customization of services, among others.

What will 2014 really look like?
While trends are emerging for the coming year, 2014 could bring with it new trends and technologies we haven’t even thought of yet – it’s the beauty of working in tech! But for businesses looking to bring in the right talent heading into this year (and beyond), focusing attention on these core areas will provide you with a solid foundation for 2014 and into the future.

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