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Three Bullet Points to Add to Your Resume

As IT professionals, you are probably contacted multiple times a week by Technical Recruiters who have potential opportunities for you.  Because technology changes so quickly, it is important that you update your resume with specific details about your projects even when you are not looking for something new.  However, when the time comes for you to make that job change, if you just pull out your old resume from three years ago and add your most recent experience, you may be missing out on an opportunity to show employers your full potential and accomplishments.

Not too long ago, I wrote about “Five Mistakes to Avoid on your Resume”.  Here are three things you want to include on your resume.

1. Share how your contributions at your company positively impacted the financial bottom-line. This shows that you comprehend the business objectives your team is looking to accomplish in combination with your technical skills.

Instead of writing: Java Developer on a team of 5 developers with Oracle Database
Try: Built and enhanced a Java application that provided financial data on $300M of revenue using Tomcat, Oracle 11g, SOAP and AJAX

2. Show, don’t tell, how you collaborate with your team and managers.

Instead of writing: Attended meetings.
Try: Collaborated during weekly development strategy meetings to guarantee best practices and technical requirements aligned with the team’s business goals.

3. Show that you’re involved in your craft beyond your day job. This proves that you enjoy what you do.  Whether it’s referencing your GitHub, Stack Overflow page, hackathon projects, or manager meet-up group attendance, it shows you have a passion for your industry and can elevate the level of talent at a future employer when they hire you!

Your resume is often the first, and only, thing a potential employer sees about you. Make a memorable impression by clearly articulating your value, passion and what you can bring to an organization.

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