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How Emerging Tech Trends May Impact Your Business in 2015

It seems safe to say that 2014 was in many ways the year of smart and wearable technologies.  If mainstream frontrunners like Samsung or LG didn’t start the year with a form of smart technology that was attached to your person, they ended the year with one. These smart gadgets, that boast an increasing number of ways to track your everyday life, are booming.

2015 trendsMarket demand for technologies that make life more efficient or fun in 2014, along with the apps that keep them ticking, didn’t stop with wearables.  The U.S. market seemed to explode with “smart” household appliances, security systems, TVs, and thermostats designed to connect to the Internet for literal remote control.

How Will Last Year’s Trends Fare with Possible Changes in 2015?
With such a big push for wearables and “smart” technology last year, how will this new force affect businesses in the New Year? What other trends are poised to emerge?

The Evolution of BYOD
The internet of things made it possible for just about anything to connect with the internet. Your phone can now communicate with almost anything in your home and with the progression of this trend, businesses cannot help but be affected as well.  BYOD (bring your own device) no longer refers to laptops or computers, but it has evolved into a much wider meaning over the past couple of years. With the inclusion of phablets and tablets, businesses should consider a broader spectrum of security breach awareness.  As workplace computing evolves, organizations will have to devise plans to help prevent breaches of equipment through pairing that might otherwise be regarded as ordinary (digital displays, tablets and others).

The Future of IT Security
Every time you turned around last year, it seemed another international company was being hacked for consumer or employee information.  Increased compromises of (mostly) retailer information storage protocols are requiring a more innovated approach to IT security. In Gartner’s list of trending technologies for 2015, two concepts were suggested to overcome some of the hurdles where traditional firewalls and perimeter security have failed organizations and the consumers that support them:

  • Integrating security into apps/applications through their design, testing, and application self-protection, which should include adaptive access and context-aware processes.
  • Context rich (context-aware) security or security within a program that continuously adapts to how it is being used, why it is being used and who is using the program at that particular moment. In other words, artificial intelligence is just on the horizon.

Don’t Forget the Apps
Apps and applications have become big collectors of data.  With so much information being drawn from mobile devices, social media and every connected gadget, companies need to manage the quickly-pooled raw data that is being gathered.  Gartner suggests every app will have to double as an analytics app to reduce the amount of raw data needing filtering and increase immediate usability of data.

We’re All in the Cloud
The information being collected from apps and applications has to go somewhere. Increasing data and usability demands are necessitating a flexing of the cloud into a more elaborate storage hub. Just about every person or business has a cloud-based account, or uses solutions that integrate with cloud-based solutions. Expect new demands placed on the cloud (serving as a data management hub), as well as opportunities for new cloud leaders to emerge in 2015.

So, how will these trends affect the expectation of future technology and its use? Where you find the advantages of best and brightest in technology you will also find its pitfalls.  The prospect of what these trends can offer is no doubt exciting, but with that, companies must be more forward thinking and proactive than ever about security plans. As everything we do becomes increasingly more cloud-driven, personal, uploadable and shared, taking this look at emerging technologies can also serve as a reminder for companies to stay in the driver’s seat with security in 2015.

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