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Making the Most of a Phone Interview

Not as long as a formal, in-person interview, phone interviews are conducted to make certain a candidate has real potential for the open position.

As a job seeker, the phone interview is your first live interaction with a potential employer, and it’s an opportunity that you should use to your advantage. Below are a few tips on making the most out of any phone interview.

Keep Track of the Resumes You’ve Sent

If you’re conducting a job search properly, you likely have submitted your resume to multiple positions at any given time. Hiring personnel realize the job seekers may be applying to more than one company at a time, but they do expect you have some memory of their open position.

Keep a simple list handy or save emails in your phone so you won’t be caught off guard when a company representative calls.

Take the Call in a Quiet Place

This may seem obvious, but sometimes finding a quiet place is easier said than done, especially if the phone call catches you off guard. If you’re setting up the interview over email, pick a time when you know you can duck into a quiet area. If the call comes out of the blue, don’t be afraid to tell the interviewer that this isn’t a good time and suggest a better one.

Do Your Homework

In addition to tracking all the open applications you have sent, you should also have easy access to job descriptions and your resume, preparations which are obviously much easier if you have a scheduled call set up.

To make the most of the interview, you should be able to talk knowledgeably about your resume, the job you are seeking, the company and the larger industry as a whole.

Speak Clearly and Distinctly

Before you pick up the phone for an interview, take a deep breath and relax. When talking to the interviewer, try to project an upbeat and enthusiastic tone. Research has shown that smiling while talking over the phone can make you sound more positive.

Ask About the Next Stage in the Process

After you’ve done your best to answer the interviewer’s questions and sound enthusiastic about the job, ask the hiring manager what the next steps in the process are and if you need to do anything to help move the process along.

In addition to finding out a timeline and any steps to take, this question can also give you an idea of the interviewer’s level of interest in you as a candidate. If they say something to the effect of, ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you’, you should be concerned about your prospects.

At Thompson Technologies, we help job seekers with everything from resume writing to landing interviews. If you’re looking for some assistance in your job search, contact us today.

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