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How to Find Top Tech Talent in a Competitive Market

As the tech world booms, hiring personnel in competitive labor markets have their work cut out for them.

In order to source elite tech talent, companies should quickly identify candidates, network within the industry and optimize their onboarding program.

Get There First

Research has revealed the best IT professionals are typically only out of work for less than two weeks. This means there’s a lot of competition among companies fighting for top technical talent.

It’s important to try to locate talented individuals before they even begin looking for work. In addition to beating your competition to the punch, you also have the chance to hire someone before they realize just how valuable they are. As soon as they realize their worth, their price goes up and the competition for their talent only intensifies.

Getting to talented workers early means you must always be on the hunt. It’s not enough to look for applicants when there’s an open position at your company. Industry events, college career fairs and internship programs are all great ways to identify future rock star talent.

Often, it’s a good idea to keep a prospect at the top of your list only because they’re talented and a great cultural fit, not because there is a particular job opening that suits their skills. Intelligent people who know how to work with others can be trained to work in any number of roles.

Another way to get there early is to have top and emerging talent come to you by focusing on the development of an attractive company brand.  A company’s culture and brand is often more important to job seekers than the job itself.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is essential to finding top tech employees or contractors. Make use of networking events and industry conferences to connect with the right professionals. A big and prominent network can help your company identify who is on the lookout for work, what skills they’ve got and how they can help your business reach its goals.

Also, don’t forget to focus internally. Tech professionals often spend time with other tech professionals. If your employees know when there are job openings in the company, they may be the most effective resources for locating new qualified applicants.

A word of warning for companies in competitive markets: Don’t take talent from a tech company across town. In many competitive markets, your fellow tech companies are your allies. Don’t make enemies of them by poaching their talent.

Seal the Deal

Securing top tech talent does not conclude with the job offer being accepted. After they’ve been hired, assign them a mentor or supply onsite training to get them completely acquainted with the team and company. Provide continuing training and professional development to hold on to quality hires. If a worker experiences a good transition and feels valued, they will not only be more loyal to your company, they’ll also be a massive help in recruiting the next round of talent, providing suggestions, recommending associates, and becoming brand ambassadors.

Thompson Technologies can be a powerful ally in the search for elite tech talent. Please contact us today to locate your company’s next star performer.

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