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3 Tips to Avoid Burnout as a Manager

As a manager, you probably spend the majority of your time concentrating on your team: responding to performance concerns, holding training sessions, and doing what you can to keep your staff motivated.

But, what if you’re the one feeling burnt out?

Many leaders take on heavy burdens, telling themselves they can handle it. However, all that stress often adds up over time. If you’re sensing you might be burning out, it is crucial to find methods to help you deal with your stress, starting with identifying the source. Here are a few common sources of stress and what you can do to conquer it.

Not Being Able to Let Go

When you’re working long days without a break, continuously supporting your employees, always leading team meetings and eating lunch at your desk every day, it shouldn’t be a surprise when you begin to feel a bit worn down. To battle any sense of fatigue, make it a goal to at least take some kind of break during the day. Allow your eyes some time to relax and allow your body to release some of the physical tension that is built up from sitting for the majority of the day. Even if all you can get is 30 minutes for lunch away from your desk, that half hour can help get you refocused to finish out the day on a positive note.

Another approach to fight the continuous stress of daily duties is to give your workers more autonomy.  Not only are you moving smaller responsibilities from your plate; but, you are instilling trust with your staff that can make for stronger working relationships.

Your Staff

Whether it’s poor communication or regular office conflicts, employees’ actions can contribute to a manager’s stress. It may be easy to point the finger at staff members and blame them entirely for your feelings of burnout; however, every manager has a hand in how their employees act.

If your employees have poor communication practices, be sure to look at your own and see if you are feeding into the problem. If your staff members are always missing deadlines, see if workflows or scheduling habits are the root causes. If your people are always getting into disagreements, see if one person is the source of all the conflict or if arguments are always erupting over the same things.

The Job Is Just Stressful

Stress comes with being a manager and if you are dead set on staying in a leadership position, you have to do everything you can to de-stress outside of work. Create a boundary between work and personal time by refraining from habitually working on company projects at home which may prevent you from maintaining your personal blog or doing anything else that may help you relax.

At Thompson Technologies, we help managers lower their stress levels through custom staffing solutions and managed services. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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