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Is The Key to Better Applicants Writing Better Job Descriptions?

Writing a job description to post for an open position isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Sure, you have to put in details on the daily duties and job requirements, but there’s still a lot of wiggle room, from the super-relaxed to the ultra-professional approach.

The best approach is to write a job description that is both enlightening and inspiring. If a potential applicant can’t get a sense of what the job is like, they’re likely to pass on it. On the other hand, if the description is too stilted and technical, applicants might get the impression the company is too uptight.

Simply put, a description should sell both the job and the company culture.

Start with an ‘essentials’ framework

There are several things you should put in almost every job description. These things include the job title, department, who this employee will report to and/or manage, daily duties, overarching responsibilities, level of experience needed, educational requirements and any soft skills needed for superior performance.

While you can leave out one or two if you don’t want to weigh down the job posting with too much detail, you should include most of the things above to let readers know exactly what you are looking for.

Reflect the company culture

A job posting should use language that reflects the company’s mission, brand and company culture. For instance, if your company is a relaxed, edgy advertising agency, the job description should be casual and maybe even include some tasteful humor. If your company is based on precision and cutting edge technology, then including interesting bits of knowledge might be a good way to give that impression.

Finally, think about the type of person you are looking to hire, and try to write something you think will appeal to them.

Don’t try to target the perfect candidate

Of course every hiring manager dreams of hiring the prefect employee who does great work, always comes up with the best solutions and boosts morale around the workplace with their winning personality. However, you shouldn’t let thoughts of the perfect candidate get in the way of hiring a perfectly good employee.

Avoid writing a job description that includes so many lofty qualifications – you scare off people who can actually do the job, and do it well.

Go beyond the usual when selling the job

Trying to entice applicants with a “generous compensation package” or “opportunities for advancement” isn’t enough to impress most applicants. Go the extra mile by telling them why they are going to love working for your company. Be sure to explain how this job has a major impact on the company’s bottom line, benefits the community or challenges a person to grow as a professional.

If you can tell your reader what’s in it for them beyond a paycheck, you have a much better chance of getting them to apply.

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