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What to Do When Making a Career Change

While some people would like to switch their profession at the drop of a hat, it really is better to inch toward a new career. This could mean doing more at your current job, taking a training course in the evening, following someone else on the job or learning all new abilities. It could also mean you steadily transfer to your new career vis-à-vis a sequence of jobs as opposed to one massive leap, a good approach if you want to stay close to your current salary.

The following are a few things you should do if you are looking to switch careers.

Avoid the ‘true calling’ mentality

It’s common for people to change careers several times throughout their lives, so avoid the temptation and pressure to find your ‘true calling’ with a career change.

Instead, think in terms of the kind of work you might want to try next. Career websites like TargetJobs are there to help you narrow down possible options. A big key is to consider the sort of work you enjoy, what you are good at, the company culture you’d prefer to be in and the sort of people you want to work with.

Define your destination and your path

After considering your options, it’s important to settle on one new career path and figure out how you are going to get there. When defining a single destination, you should consider what skills, contacts and assets you already have that can get you there. Leveraging the things you already have makes transitioning much easier than starting from scratch.

Once you’ve settled on a path, you need to define the steps to get there. Identify any education or experience you might need. Then, figure out the resources you need to take these steps toward your new career. Do you need financial aid? What about child care? Will you have to move across town or across the country?

Once you can answer all these questions, you should have a pretty solid plan in front of you.

Believe it can happen

One of the most difficult things with a career move is believing it can happen.

We have a tendency to consider ourselves an accountant, scientist or whatever our job title says we are. It defines us. Now, you can use this tendency to your own mental advantage by telling others and yourself you are now in another profession. Saying it out loud to others makes it real for both you and your listener, so get in the habit of telling others where you are going.

At Thompson Technologies, we have years of experience in helping professionals change their career paths. Please contact us today if you’re thinking about making such a move.

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