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The 5 Most In-Demand Programming Language Skills

There are thousands of coding languages out there, and some are more popular in the business world than others.

When a business looks to source new programming talent, they’re on the lookout for people who know the languages and systems they currently use. Recently, the instructional website CodingDojo analyzed data from job sites Dice and Indeed, as well as Google search data, to determine the five most in-demand programming languages today: Python, Java, JavaScript, C# and PHP.


Used by internet giants like Reddit and Instagram, Python first appeared in 1991 and has become extremely popular among developers over the ensuing decades. The language regularly ranks high on lists and its popularity in job postings continued to develop in 2016, moving up two places in CodingDojo’s rankings from the previous year. Moreover, Python is also a general function programming language that stresses code legibility and growing developer productivity, making it particularly useful for apps and data mining.


Developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995, Java has undoubtedly stood the test of time. According to CodingDojo, the amount of Indeed job postings that mentioned Java increased by nearly 30,000 in 2017, compared to the number posted in the previous year, which was possibly a result of more Android users coming into the market. The continuous expansion of its developer community and popular features make Java a valuable language to learn.

Every native Android app is created in Java, and nine out of ten of Fortune 500 businesses use Java as a server-side language. Despite numerous delays, users are still excited about the upcoming Java 9 launch in September and the massive JavaOne developer conference in October.


Used by around 90 percent of websites to define their look and function, JavaScript was also launched in 1995. Today, it’s primarily used as a dynamic scripting language for front-end development. Its compatibility across all browsers makes it an ideal language for the web and a perennial favorite in the tech industry.

New York-based Bloomberg was recently looking for more JavaScript coders than any other company.

C# (“C sharp”)

Created and used heavily by Microsoft, C# is now employed on non-Windows machines, thanks to the release of the .NET Core open-source development platform in 2016. Its predominant use is constructing Microsoft enterprise software. The majority of the features in C# 7.0, including language support, were launched just last year.

Notably, C# wasn’t a popular language in San Jose, CodingDojo found. This could be due to Apple having such a robust presence in the California city.


Also launched in 1995, PHP is a server-side coding language applied to over 80 percent of websites today including Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress. PHP wasn’t the hottest language in 2016. However, the massive amount of websites built with the language ensures it’s still handy for developers, particularly when combined with Javascript and SQL.

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