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Questions to Ask When Interviewing IT Candidates

While screening resumes and conducting phone interviews are important parts of the hiring process, the in-person interview is absolutely critical, especially when hiring for IT positions.

It’s very important to ask the right questions of each candidate. Below are some questions that tend to generate the most valuable responses.

What are the biggest IT trends affecting your profession?

Trends that the applicant names in response to this question are less important than their capacity to recognize broad industry trends and communicate their impact. Basically, this question is meant to determine if an applicant can think broadly around what’s going on in the industry and if they actively keep track of developments in their field.

Not only are applicants who can’t identify trends out of date, they’re also probably not passionate enough about what they do to stay abreast of the latest developments.

Do you get bored quickly?

This question can be useful when you’re looking for a certain personality type to fill a position. If you’re trying to staff a position where the employee will be jumping from project to project on a regular basis, you want a person who is bored quickly and is continuously on the lookout for new challenges. If you are seeking an employee who can keep an eye on a steady process and focus on fine details, you want someone who isn’t going to push back against repetitive, detailed work.

If you could change a couple things at the last company you worked for, what would they be?

This somewhat simple question seeks to achieve a number of things. To begin with, it’s a peek into someone’s ability to keep confidential information under wraps. It can also be an indication of if an applicant will trash a former company. Also, this question can figure out the candidate’s capacity to think “big picture” and strategically.

Hence, the specific responses to this question are less crucial than the thinking behind them.

How could you see yourself growing as an employee with us?

If an applicant wants career development opportunities you can’t offer, you’ll have to either reconcile that issue or move on to another candidate. This question can also help ascertain if the applicant has leadership hopes and a plan to realize them.

Ask a behavioral question

Behavioral questions may seem like a complex question that gets a complex answer, but all it involves is outlining a typical work situation and finding out how the applicant would respond.

Offer a breakdown of a recent scenario someone working in the job faced, and then ask the candidate to identify and provide a solution quickly. Possibly more critical than the solution applicants provide are the questions they bring up. They won’t have essential details or background information on the issue, so watching how they source information and start to break down the issue is the most useful facet of behavioral questions.

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