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The Most In-Demand Developer Skill Sets

While the need for skilled developers continues to be high, the pervasiveness of software and relentless onward march of technology mean the expectations for software engineers will only grow in the coming years.

Businesses are now regularly on the lookout for somebody who feels safe working with every layer of the development stack, has the capability to get insights from substantial data sets and can think tactically about coming tech developments, all while reevaluating old systems using the latest and greatest tools.

In addition to possessing a mountain of technical skills, developers also need to have soft skills to succeed in today’s business environment. Below are some of the top skills needed for developers to succeed.


JavaScript expertise is definitely one of the abilities most frequently sought after by today’s companies. Desktop, web and mobile platforms all use JavaScript, making it a highly portable and useful skill set.

While JavaScript literacy is probably the most sought after coding skill, there are other languages worth knowing for their job market value, including Ruby and Python, both of which are crucial to building scalable Web applications.

Big Data

Leveraging big data is a fairly recent development that’s here to stay. Developers need to have in-depth understanding of analytics solutions, machine learning methods and other tools that transfer, store and accumulate copious amounts of data. By mastering big data tools, developers can help their companies make better company decisions.

Applications being created today are utilizing massive quantities of information, analyzing it and reacting appropriately. Technologies that seize and act on data the minute it arrives, like streaming solutions, are becoming must-have abilities to perfect. Furthermore, technology that can hold, control, and historically evaluate immense quantities of data will be useful abilities far into the future.

Full-stack Capabilities

Many companies are now looking for full-stack developers who are comfortable in a wide range of technologies and platforms.

In the years ahead, engineers will need a wide range of abilities to be effective. Increasing the scope of developer expertise is both good for the engineer in addition to for the business. These engineers are aware of the implications technical decisions have on all software. This understanding makes work much easier for co-workers and helps to prevent silos from forming in an organization.

Soft Skills

In addition to having key technical skills, it’s also important to be flexible and able to persuade others to embrace your ideas.

Being a solid team member, having the desire to be part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem, offering regular assistance to staff members, providing ideas and making attempts to improve products, services or the company culture are beneficial to any team.

Also, it’s crucial to have strong communication abilities in a company setting. Developers must be able to present their work in a way that is easy to understand and push back respectfully but convincingly when there are alternative solutions that can provide more value than currently adopted processes.

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