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Trending Technologies for 2018

Research and advisory company Gartner recently projected some top technology trends for 2018 that could potentially disrupt the way many companies do business.

Some of Gartner’s top strategic technology trends for 2018 involve artificial intelligence (AI) and the ways machine learning is seeping into practically every part of business. AI will be a major battlefield for technology providers over the next five years, according to Gartner.

A few projected trends deal with blending together the digital and physical worlds to generate an immersive, digital environment and other trends discuss taking advantage of increased connectivity among people and companies, as well as growing numbers of devices, content and digital business services.

Here are a few highlights of that trend report.

AI infrastructure

The capacity to use AI to strengthen decision making, reinvent business structures and remold the customer experience will push digital initiatives through the coming years. AI methods are evolving quickly and companies will have to invest considerably in employee skills, operations and tools to effectively exploit these methods and build AI-enhanced systems. Companies may want to consider investment in data processing, integration and model creation, according to Gartner, with developers and administrators collaborating on these issues.

AI applications

Across the next couple of years, practically every application will integrate some degree of artificial intelligence. A few of these apps will feature a very noticeable use of AI, and others will use the technology in less apparent ways. AI apps will serve as an intermediary level between people and systems, with the potential to transform the character of work and the structure of business.

Added functionality through AI

AI will also allow for devices and objects to take on added functionality. Driverless cars are probably the most well-known example of this, but enhanced capability is also expected to find its way to many other objects. For instance, containers will soon be able to alert users when contents are running low and even order replacements over the internet.

Immersive digital environments

Virtual and augmented reality are already changing entertainment, and interest in business applications of the technology is quite high. However, useful applications of the technology are few and far between, resulting in a glut of novelty VR applications that provide little significant business value. Gartner predicted real, tangible business benefits will begin to emerge in 2018, forcing companies to examine specific scenarios where VR and AR can make employees more productive.


Known as the technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain is currently being investigated as a tool for tracking and security applications. The technology holds a lot of promise and could be useful in the supply chain, healthcare, manufacturing and media industries.

Voice interface

With the emergence of products like the Amazon Echo, voice interaction has clearly reached a tipping point, changing how we interface with the digital world. Currently, users must speak in a clear, structured manner to use the technology effectively, but because the technology is software based, rolling out incremental improvements can be done with rudimentary software updates.

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