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Hire the Right Software Engineer With These Tips

The process of finding a software engineer can be a challenging one. You’re not just looking for the right technical skill set; you need candidates who are a good culture fit as well.

On the other hand, engineers are in high demand and have many choices when it comes to where they want to work. They’re potentially evaluating your opportunity against several others, as well as their current role.

While choosing candidates who are the best fit for your organization, you must be careful not to inadvertently scare the best candidates away. This can be done by continually improving your recruitment funnel with the tips listed below.

Locate qualified candidates

In a recent survey by the HR-tech company Lever, 120 applicants to engineering jobs resulted in just 23 applicants making it to the pre-interview screening phase. The 97 applicants who did not make it seemingly failed to advance because they were not qualified or disinterested.

While you may never keep unqualified individuals from seeking your open positions, you can decrease their numbers by putting an emphasis on the most efficient source of new hires – employee referrals. By placing a stronger focus on your worker referral program and lowering your focus on job advertisements, you can optimize the top of your recruitment funnel.

Offer an engaging interview experience

The impression a job seeker has of a business can sour quickly after a bad interview experience. While you should use interviews to screen out poor-fit applicants, you can also use them to sell the position and the company.

Try to pinpoint each candidate’s reasons for considering the job and demonstrate how both the company and the job matches what they are trying to find. Show a legitimate interest in each applicant by asking them to expand on information you’ve seen on their resume or social media profile, as opposed to asking them to repeat information.

Preclose on your perfect applicants

The recent Lever survey said just 59 percent of engineers agreed to the offers they were given, as opposed to 69 percent of non-engineers.

While software engineers do have more choices than people in other professions, your business can optimize the base of its recruitment funnel by preclosing with key prospects. Return to candidates’ initial motivations and talk about how your job opportunity is a solid fit for them. Learn about candidates’ salary needs early on, so you can verbally agree you’re in the same ballpark regarding an offer. Before delivering a formal, written offer, figure out if your applicant requires anything else beyond what you have already discussed.

If needed, offer another meeting with you, a potential co-worker or an executive to clear up any questions an applicant might have. If your applicant still turns down the offer, ask why so you can improve your close rate down the road.

Get feedback

Regularly work to optimize your recruitment funnel by asking each applicant how you can do better and make alterations founded on the feedback you receive.

At Thompson Technologies, we work with our clients to help them find and hire the best-fit talent for their operations. If your company is currently in need of a talent acquisition solution, please contact us today.

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