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These Technologies Could Disrupt Your Business in 2018

Technologies like artificial intelligence and computer vision are going to continue disrupting business throughout 2018. These disruptions could come as game-changing systems or simple tech tools.

For companies, it’s important to understand emerging technologies and the potential impact they could have on their organization. Losing touch with emerging technology can quickly mean losing a competitive advantage.

Consider the following list of disruptive technologies and how they might impact your organization.


Corporate investments in video technology bring about innovation, in addition to greater collaboration and productivity, according to a recent study from MIT. Study researchers said investments in video are being driven by a wider embrace of “agile methodology” – which includes daily face-to-face meetings that could occur via teleconferencing.

Experts predict that video technology will increasingly incorporate cutting-edge features like augmented reality and immersive experiences.


Customer service is a space where digital technology is becoming increasingly disruptive. In fact, experts have predicted the average person will have more daily interactions with automated customer service bots than with their spouse by the end of the decade.

In 2018, chatbots will quickly become more advanced, dramatically cutting costs and streamlining the customer experience. Chatbots are now capable of comprehending the tone and content, as well as predict the best paths to achieve various objectives.

Internet of Things

From collecting information to the automation of infrastructure, businesses are discovering numerous advantages from adding connectivity to company infrastructure. Connecting devices, sensors and other assets, early adopters of the Internet of Things (IoT) are already experiencing massive reductions in equipment downtime, process inefficiencies and energy usage.

However, greater IoT adoption means greater security risks. For manufacturing, an industry that is often slow to adopt digital technology, adding security measures must be a major priority.

Augmented, virtual and mixed reality

Augmented and virtual reality technology through the use of head-mounted displays (HMDs) will continue to proliferate across the business world in 2018. All the major players are in a race to provide consumer tools that will build platform ecosystems.

In retail, store shelves can be augmented with products in real time. In manufacturing and heavy industry, technology can place informational overlays on electrical equipment and instrumentation metrics in front of people working in these areas.

Computer vision

The spread of cost-efficient and readily available sensors, as well as advances in computer vision and machine learning are creating a wide variety of new applications. While online retailers like Amazon have been tracking our shopping habits for years, brick and mortar retailers are increasingly seeking to do the same to stay competitive.


The impact of blockchain will be seen outside of the finance industry in 2018, with more than 2,500 new blockchain-associated patents having been filed in recent months.

It’s essential for executives to not only intently study blockchain’s potential for disruption and prepare for the effect on their company. Anything from logistics to invoice matching could soon affected by a distributed ledger technology.

At Thompson Technologies, we stay on top of the latest technology developed to better serve our clients. If your company is currently looking for an in-the-know staffing partner, please contact us today.

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