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Is Your Career Getting Off Track? Here’s How to Tell

If your career doesn’t have much momentum, the issue causing the slowdown may not be totally evident. Maybe you’ve seen your co-workers get promoted over you, or they’ve been offered high-profile assignments; while you’re still in the same job.

Of course, you may be content with your current situation. However, it’s always good to do a self-checkup and see if your career is where it should be. Consider the following signs your career may be getting off track.

Relationship issues outside of work

A high degree of work stress can quickly spill over into your personal life. If you’ve noticed your relationship with your significant other is lacking, you have a short temper with your kids and your friendships are strained, it could be you are feeling frustrated with your career.

Resetting your work-life balance is a good way to address this issue. That may require getting a less stressful job. Or, it could mean rearranging your responsibilities at your current position.

You feel adrift at work

Even if you absolutely hate your job duties, you should feel like you are working toward the next step in your career, possibly a promotion with your current employer. If you can’t tell where you stand with your employer, it might mean your career is starting to get off track.

You can address this issue by having an honest conversation with your boss about your future with the company. If you don’t walk away from that meeting with a good feeling, it might be time to polish up your resume.

You’ve gotten passed over

If people who got hired around the same time as you or later are getting ahead and you’re not, regardless of the reason, your career is likely getting off course.

Perhaps your boss has a concern with you, or there’s some type of bias working against you getting a promotion. In this situation, you need to ask questions, and if your concerns aren’t addressed, it may be time to find another job.

On the other hand, you may be getting passed over because your performance isn’t up to snuff. Is there something inefficient about the way you work? Are you burned out? Are you in a line of work you just don’t have the passion for?

Getting passed over is a red flag for your career, and getting to the bottom of why you’ve gotten passed over will help you get back on track.

Your skills are out of date

Some people come into their careers with a set of skills and don’t try to learn anything new, hoping their original core skillset will get them all the way to the finish line. However, the rapid pace of technology today makes not upgrading your skills a dangerous approach.

If your skill set is out of date, take classes, cross train or do something else to update your skill set.

At Thompson Technologies, we regularly help talented professionals keep their skills on point, often by connecting them with new career opportunities. If you are concerned your career has gone astray, please contact us today.

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