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What Are the Biggest Issues Facing IT Today?

Some challenges facing IT departments are the same ones from 5 or 10 years ago, while other challenges have emerged in just the past few years.

Regardless of how long IT issues have been around, it’s up to CIOs and other tech leaders to address these challenges head-on. Below is a list of some of the biggest issues facing IT departments right now.

New security threats

Along with classic security concerns, tech leaders have to focus on new emerging threats, such as security issues related to the Internet of Things. A recent Forrester survey revealed 82 percent of companies find it difficult to recognize and safeguard network-connected devices. Even worse, a majority of respondents were uncertain on who is responsible for handling the IoT issues.

Experts are currently suggesting security actions are tightly linked with the identities of individual IT users. Behavioral tracking can recognize even the cleverest cyber criminals hiding behind privileged credentials, by spotting diversions in baseline behaviors, such as typing rate or frequent spelling errors.

Stagnating skill sets

Approximately 40 percent of IT employees say they’re not receiving the training they need to be efficient in their jobs, according to a recent CompTIA survey.

Many businesses have taken the position that staying on top of emerging technology is up to individual workers. Furthermore, companies often have a hard time finding qualified tech talent and training underqualified employees can feel intimidating.

The good news for companies is most IT professionals like what they’re doing, and many say they want more resources for training and development, as well as more career guidance and advancement opportunities. IT professionals also say they want access to more tools, engagement with more technologies and more chances to work on new IT projects.

Outdated systems

Outdated systems are a big matter, especially among industries where these systems continue to be used for storing critical information or running essential applications. Often, these systems are so outdated, they’re no longer supported by their manufacturers and cannot be fixed or protected from the latest security threats. Also, these systems may be linked to other networks, extending any vulnerabilities outward.

Cloud issues

As increasing amounts of information and services are put into the cloud, a probable risk is seeing the cloud as a solitary, public entity. IT must also look at a private cloud and/or multi-cloud solutions as they consider what’s best for the company. This helps to avoid single-vendor lock-in.

IT leaders must also figure out which assets should go to which cloud. With the rise of IoT, more performance is required at the edge, so IT must broaden their options for the cloud.

Companies must also define security controls to shield their assets in the cloud in the same way they might when they are on-site. Many companies don’t apply these standards, perhaps assuming the hosting company is delivering all of the safeguards they need.

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