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Every IT Professional Should Have These Soft Skills

Recent data indicates there is a massive soft skills gap in the IT world. A survey by LinkedIn found nearly 60 percent of tech employers saying their organization is in need of more people with soft skills than hard digital skills.

If you’re currently looking to move forward in your IT career, consider the following essential soft skills.

Sales ability

IT professionals are continually selling: their ideas, ability to get the job done, their value to the company and so on.

Sales ability encompasses the ability to influence others, self-awareness and excellent communication.

Good communication and collaboration skills

Communication skills are essential to everyday success in any job, including the IT industry where collaboration is constant and ongoing. For example, the ability to break down complex ideas into simple concepts.

In today’s workplace, it’s common for an IT team to be spread across multiple locations, possibly even multiple countries around the world. Therefore, the ability to collaborate, both in person and digitally, is crucial to the career success of an IT professional.

Ability to see “The Big Picture”

IT professionals should understand the context in which their team works, as well as the personalities on those teams and the challenges those individuals face. The structure will often be changing, but the need to build trust, work together, and be a change agent is essential in any situation.

Customer service ability

While some IT positions may require dealing directly with clients and customers, all IT professionals must be able to deal with business-side colleagues who need services from them. These internal customers could be anyone from a co-worker on the same team to an upper-level executive with very little technical knowledge.

Excellent customer service includes the capacity to appreciate different personalities and motivations. It also includes understanding time constraints and the ability to solve problems quickly.

Technical problem solving

IT professionals know technical issues are around every corner. The ability to solve those problems within a reasonable time frame is an extremely valuable skill that will allow a professional to succeed.

Technical problem solving often involves the creation of tools and processes that can resolve a specific issue. Often, technical problem-solving comes with experience. Seasoned professionals can identify common patterns and create solutions quickly based on what they’ve seen before in previous problems.

At Thompson Technologies, we regularly work with ambitious IT professionals who are looking to expand their skill set through different job opportunities. If you are currently looking to take the next step in your IT career, please contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance.

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