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How to Hire for the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs

As businesses scramble to adjust to the modern workforce, they’re doing anything they can to appeal to top tech talent.

For many, that means filling the most in-demand roles before the competition. According to a recent report from Robert Half Technology, the most in-demand roles are currently data-driven and security-based. The survey also indicated the average salaries for in-demand tech jobs, which can be affected by level of experience, location, budgets and other factors.

Companies looking to fill these in-demand roles should look for certain qualities to ensure they land top talent. Below are the current top in-demand jobs from the survey, the qualifications you ought to be looking for to fill them and the salary range those positions command.

Business intelligence analyst

Salary range: $83,000 – 170,000

Business intelligence analysts need experience with Big Data technology, analytics and reporting instruments. Employers normally check for applicants with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or engineering. An ideal candidate has qualities related to understanding your data needs and conveying those needs to stakeholders, such as knowledge of database queries and strong communication skills. It’s a job with developing significance as company needs pivot to the collection and analysis of data.

Database developer

Salary range: $97,000 – 170,000

In addition to having technical skills, such as knowledge of database programs like Microsoft SQL Server, database developers should have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. Since they’ll be in charge of establishing and managing enterprise databases, you’ll want to have a clear concept of what specific abilities you’re hiring for, and what kind of developer best suits your needs. Candidates for this position should have database certifications such as Microsoft Certified Database Administrator or Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional.

Customer support technician

Salary range: $32,000 – $81,000

For customer-facing companies, the help desk is a critical part of running an effective company. As a major point of contact for customer service and troubleshooting, support employees must have the proper technical and soft skills for the position. Job description and requirements for these jobs can vary considerably. The recent Robert Half survey broke down this job into three different tiers: entry level, experienced and certified.

Network administrator

Salary range: $55,000 – $100,000

Network administrators are in charge of managing LAN/WAN protocol, software and hardware. They spend a great deal of time troubleshooting and normally have to be available in case of an emergency. The level of knowledge and experience a business needs in its network administrator depends on how extensive its needs are. That being said, most companies should be looking at candidates with prominent professional certifications.

Data security administrator

Salary range: $100,000 – $160,000

Dealing with considerable amounts of data calls for a major commitment to security. Data security administrators are accountable for outlining network security needs, making certain security systems are up to date, tracking company-wide security and rolling out security strategies. Ideal candidates have strong math, programming and engineering abilities.

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