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Learn How an MBA Can Help Advance Your Tech Career

IT employees who don’t completely understand and support their company’s business goals can often find themselves looking for another job.

To gain a greater understanding of how business works with technology, elevate their career profile and expand their earning potential, more and more IT professionals are now looking to earn MBA degrees.

IT leaders need more than just technical abilities for long-term success. They need solid business skills and the capacity to think ‘big picture.’ They have to comprehend the business and financial significance of IT choices and overall strategy. They also need the types of communication and interpersonal abilities associated with developing and leading diverse, cross-functional teams. An MBA can allow an IT professional to gain all of these key abilities.

Consider the following ways that earning an MBA degree can advance your tech career.

Significant Credibility

After earning an MBA, you’ll be widely viewed as a business and IT expert. You’ll also be on equal footing with other C-level executives who will likely pay more attention to your ideas and opinions.

An MBA provides you with the language to effectively speak with business-focused personnel inside a company. An MBA also helps IT professionals better comprehend the demands of other business areas. This enables someone with an IT focus to think of solutions that truly help the organization.

Valuable Knowledge

The topics you’ll learn while earning an MBA will ultimately spill over into your daily work, allowing you to be a more effective team player. An MBA gives you valuable understanding of finance, accounting and strategy, all of which can get you prepared for a next career step.

Also, digital transformation is pushing IT to focus more intently on company needs. Going after an MBA helps IT professionals expand their experience and gives them a 360-degree view of how the business functions. An MBA program teaches about the business drivers and levers that can be used to make the company more efficient and expand revenue.

Higher Income

Many IT professionals use an MBA degree as a springboard into senior-level positions that pay more and offer greater income potential. Furthermore, some companies may offer salary increases to staff members who earn graduate degrees and useful certifications.

Greater Confidence

An MBA can give IT professionals a greater degree of professional confidence, providing them with superior problem-solving abilities that will help them handle all types of challenging scenarios and, ultimately, speed up career growth.

At Thompson Technologies, we regularly counsel IT professionals on how to advance their career through education or new job opportunities. Please contact us today to find out how we can support your IT career.

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