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Looking For Ways to Improve IT Talent Retention? Customize Your Benefits

To retain your top IT talent, you need to offer benefits that match the needs of these employees – and the standard benefits package might not cut it.

Almost every employer offers vacation time, health insurance and a 401(k) plan. Because these benefits are everywhere, they aren’t as significant a factor when IT workers are considering job opportunities.  Companies should offer benefits that address the needs and objectives of staff demographics and organizational culture; and adjust those benefits as the needs and priorities of the workforce change over time.

Smarter Benefit Offerings

When you examine the demographics of your company, everybody looks different, has a different background and has differing goals. While they’re at work, they may all be working in the same direction, but everything becomes an individual when they go home, and this is where most benefits are utilized.

Companies looking to attract and retain IT talent have to identify individuals’ values to ascertain what’s crucial to them. One approach is to ask for feedback from your workers and offer benefits by using their needs. Ask your staff what types of offerings they would like to see, and then make alterations to your offerings.

The other half of that equation involves measuring benefits utilization to find out what’s popular, what is not, who’s using which benefits and to what degree.

Create ‘Personas’

Personas are fictional characters that act as stand-ins when developing a customized benefits program. Based on your employees’ personalities, needs and habits, personas are an approach to making sure you’re offering benefits that best fit what employees are looking for from an employer.

The process of creating personas starts by looking at internal demographics, including ages, family size, location, income and computer literacy. Personas can then be created to represent the largest groups in your company.

Next, develop a list of questions for your personas and expected responses to those questions. Then, interview staff members to make sure your predicted responses were accurate. If they weren’t, make appropriate changes to your personas.

Finally, create benefits packages that speak to your personas. Employees can then pick from various benefit bundles based on their individual wants and needs.

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