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Follow These Tips to Recruit Top Tech Talent

With the U.S. currently facing a STEM skills gap, companies are finding it difficult to get enough quality tech applicants through the door.  The tech sector is struggling to hire talent while being among the country’s fastest-growing industries.

A deficiency of available talent has led to a candidate-driven market, and companies are having to work harder to appeal to top job seekers. Concurrently, worker motivations have shifted, attitudes have progressed, and needs have transformed, all of which makes attracting tech talent even harder.

If your company is struggling to hire high-quality tech talent, consider the following tips.

Know what you’re looking for

Hiring personnel have to know what abilities and experience your ideal applicant will need, such as a degree or the ability to use specific software programs.

Once you’ve made the preferred abilities and experience clear, the next step is to determine who the applicant is as a person. They should be a cultural fit, with a personality that will complement those of other staff members. Your company can always develop an employee’s skill set, but personality and culture fit cannot be taught.

Know where to look

As a company, you’re fighting to be seen in a congested labor market. A lot of the talent you’re trying to find won’t be seen on a traditional job board. LinkedIn groups, Facebook and other online platforms are significant sources of talent if your company maintains a strong presence and has positive interactions with tech professionals.

Build a strong brand

Hiring isn’t just about companies evaluating applicants, it’s also about applicants assessing companies. If you’re offering potential employees the usual ‘opportunity to work on exciting projects’ or standard benefits package, you’ll likely find it a challenge to lure candidates.

Applicants will know about your brand if it’s at the core of your organization. Your working environment, the opportunity for career development and learning prospects should all be front and center in your pitch to prospective employees, as these are things the applicant wants in an employer.

Build a strong network

The technology industry is a massive financial entity, but a relatively small community. It is critical to involve yourself in the community and get to know the current talent. Be assertive, because the better and bigger your network, the easier it will be to locate new candidates.

Consider upskilling

If you’ve been trying to find an external applicant for some time, but are finding it difficult to fill vacancies, you may have to look within your organization and find out if there is anyone who could fill the need with some upskilling.

This path may take a bit longer to build up the desired abilities; however, if you have someone who fits into the company, expanding their capabilities might be the best solution.

At Thompson Technologies, we’re driven to provide our clients with the custom talent acquisition solutions they need to achieve their goals. If your company is currently in need of talent, please contact us today.

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