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How to Transition to a Career in Tech

The tech industry continues to expand, and so do the number of tech jobs- many with good pay and unique benefits.

A transition into the tech industry is very attainable with a bit of hard work and dedication, even if someone doesn’t have a background in the industry.

Consider crossover possibility

Tech industry experts recommend that non-tech professionals begin a move into the industry by looking for crossover positions. Many technology teams include positions for business analysts and quality assurance experts. If you have strong abilities in another industry, you can likely transition into a more technical career path by first getting into a crossover job. Growing your knowledge, participating in tech projects and working intently with tech staff members at your current job can also position you for a transition.

DIY leaning

Learning tech skills is a low cost, but practical approach to prepare yourself for a move into the tech industry and an excellent way to demonstrate your drive and capacity to develop new abilities on your own.

The key is to consume as much information as possible: Read top books about the industry and posts from bloggers who have the position you want, especially those who have made the transition into tech from other industries. After that, keep up with the latest industry developments and branch out into broader topics.

DIY experience

Another useful tactic to slowly transition is to look for roles and projects with your current employer that include tech aspects. For instance, someone with a job in public relations might try to get involved in updating the company website.

The experience gained on these kinds of projects can be included on a resume, which could be enough to get a foot in the door at a new company. From there, you can wade deeper into the industry by gaining experience on other projects.

This kind of transition doesn’t occur overnight. It comes from cultivating experiences and smartly marketing yourself until you get the job you want.

Marketing yourself

Individuals who have significant achievements in any industry can be attractive to hiring managers in tech companies. Tech businesses need individuals who can bring their own distinctive passions, skills and experiences to make a difference. While any career transition can be a challenge, people looking for work can make it easier by highlighting the impact they’ve had in current or past jobs.

At Thompson Technologies, we regularly help people transition into new career paths. Please contact us today for a consultation.

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