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The Impact of AI on IT Operations

Artificial intelligence is beginning to impact many areas of modern business, and IT operations are no exception.

Although it’s still early, organizations are making the most of AI and machine learning to enhance tech support and control infrastructure. In particular, natural language processing is proving to be a critical IT tool. The technology, which powers most customer service chatbots, is being used in internal IT operations, to enhance tech support and interfaces.

Consider the following case studies on how AI is affecting IT operations.

Credit Suisse chatbot

In December, Credit Suisse Group AG released a chatbot to handle standard user requests like password changes and computer reboots. Before the new system, users who called in for support had to queue up for an available agent, a system that doesn’t scale well. The chatbot offers a new path to the service desk, with faster responses and actions for users.

While it has been effective, the system is still in its infancy. For instance, when the chatbot is not capable of handling an issue, it’s passed on to a human agent. The chatbot then tracks the conversation and learns from it. Analysts evaluate the learning session before any lessons go back into the chatbot, to keep errors and biases from finding their way into the system.

Cybersecurity at Texas A&M

To monitor the systems for 11 universities and seven state agencies, Texas A&M University recently launched an intelligent assistant called Artemis to help stop cyber attacks.

The AI system allows users to ask questions in English, essentially training new employees as they do their job. Staff members hired in January took “two hours” to figure out what they were doing and start being productive, according to Texas A&M officials. They learned at a faster rate, with fewer new hires asking questions. The system also decreased the quantity of searching on Google and time spent watching instructional videos.

The system has also had a positive impact on recruitment. Two years ago, the school couldn’t get a sufficient number of applicants for three security analyst jobs. In January, there were 88 applicants for seven openings.

Word got out the job was fun, according to the university. Staff members aren’t just sitting and staring at computer screens. They’re conducting investigations and acquiring real-world experience, making cybersecurity a much more approachable career path.

Managing the Cloud at Murphy Oil

Murphy Oil is an international oil company that has been shifting its infrastructure to the cloud for the past year and adding AI to manage its cloud infrastructure.

The AI-powered system used by Murphy Oil allowed the company to transfer staff from basic functions and routine maintenance to business enablement. One worker, for instance, is currently researching further automation so the business can advance up the maturity curve.

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