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Tips for Increasing Your Productivity as an IT Professional

We all realize that technology can be a diversion. Surveys have found about 50 percent of employees admit to wasting an hour or more each day on email, social networks, and texting.

However, for all the negative impacts on productivity, technology can significantly raise employee productivity. Tech tools that keep an eye on time spent, visualize information and document ideas are invaluable.

A typical employee could spend the day keeping up with help requests, setting up emergency software patches, exploring new products and upgrading hardware — with all tasks tagged as urgent. IT pros also travel from site to site while keeping track of client needs and upgrading schedules on the go. Tools can make juggling all these responsibilities much more manageable and increase efficiency.

Consider the following tips for getting more work done.

Track your time

Much like a financial budget will fail if you don’t track your spending, you must track how you spend your time to be able to make effective use of it. IT consultants that bill every minute of work to a particular client already do this, but those who don’t would do well to follow their example.

There are many time tracking apps out there, all having various features. Some allow users to store project lists online and track time spent using a mobile device. Google Chrome plugin Task Timer, as well as apps called Klok and Toggl are all great options and popular within the tech community.

Streamline or automate whenever possible

Artificial intelligence may be all the rage these days, but you don’t need machine learning algorithms to streamline or eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks. For instance, the free Windows clipboard utility CLCL allows users to pull up the last 30 words or phrases copied to the clipboard. It also lets users create templates for common phrases.

A simple Google search can often tip you off to any specific automation tools you might find handy in your line of work.

Use a second monitor

You might think that a second monitor is something that only certain professionals need, but a second monitor can increase productivity across a wide range of occupations. Research has shown that using two monitors can increase productivity to the point it effectively adds dozens of workdays to the year. If you are in a situation where two monitors isn’t an option, upgrading to a larger monitor can also boost productivity.

Take notes effectively

There are plenty of note-taking apps on the market, but many tech professionals still use the email app on their phone to send themselves reminders, lists, observations, ideas, and other information. If this is your preferred method for note taking, the app Captio boils the process down to a single click.

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