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How to Immediately Set up New Hires For Success

When it comes to building a great team, the hiring process is only half the battle. You may have found the right person for the job, but if you don’t properly onboard them and engage them in their work from day one, you’re likely to lose them to another company in short order.

Truly welcoming new staff members to your organization requires more than a brief orientation and a copy of the employee handbook. To be effective, you need to get creative with your onboarding process and find ways to speak to the new hire as an individual and as a new member of the larger team.

Consider the following ways to set your new hires up for success.

Host a ‘welcome aboard’ event

The idea of a ‘welcome aboard’ get-together might sound like an awkward scene straight out of The Office, but embracing a new staff member and praising them in front of the existing team will be very helpful. This event not only helps with introductions, but it also helps your team understand how much you support the new hire and why you hired them. Also, this helps your team see that new hires are there to help everyone succeed, not jeopardize any jobs.


Many businesses onboard new hires by having them meet and train with experienced staff. While this approach can be effective, experienced trainers can’t be true mentors in the typical chaotic workplace. Mentors look after, counsel and guide new hires as they adjust to various facets of the business. They help them with everything from long-term career development to little tricks of the trade.

Talk career development right away

Staff members are most engaged when they feel their career development is supported by their employer. You can engage new hires from the get-go by talking about career development opportunities within the first month.

Connect work to a greater meaning

Surveys regularly show millennials want a job with purpose, but this finding can easily be extrapolated to other generations as well. Think about it: Who wants to do a meaningless job?

Experienced employees or mentors should be tasked with showing new employees how the company benefits customers and the greater community. Along the way, the meaning behind the company’s products and services should evolve, as technology and culture changes.

Set them up for success

The first impression an organization makes on their new employee is just as crucial as the first impression the employee makes. The business should concentrate on the basics, particularly having the person’s workspace or office ready to go. Set up their tools, phone, computer, supplies and anything else they might need before they walk in on the first day.

Hold regular check-ins

Most new hires are so fixated on taking in as much information as possible, they become overwhelmed. Holding regular check-ins, including several on the first day, not only helps avoid information overload, but it also sends a message you care about their experience and their early success.

At Thompson Technologies, we work with our clients to ensure new workers are onboarded as efficiently as possible. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your organization.

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