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Perfecting Your Employer Brand

Looking for top talent to fill an open position at your company? So are your competitors, and even companies in other industries with similar jobs.

If your company is going to attract top talent, it has to make contact with these individuals long before posting a job opening. More than simply a first impression, employer branding is important in recruiting campaigns and it can be that first point of contact as it plays a critical role across the whole recruitment process.

Consider the following three key stages of recruiting that are affected by employer brand.

1. Reputation as an employer

Anything job seekers hear or see about your business will give them a basic impression of what it’s like to be an employee there. For instance, if postings on social media about working for your business are mostly negative, some job seekers may choose to look elsewhere. That’s why it’s crucial to follow the online discussions around your business and react appropriately to online reviews, as pushing back properly can give balance and more control over your company’s reputation as an employer.

Furthermore, if a job seeker has never heard of your business and has no idea what it’s like to work there, they may be not be completely sold on applying to your company. Although, no reputation at all is likely better than a bad one.

The best situation is to make sure there is a great deal of positive information out there about your business. This allows prospective employees to become acquainted with your business, at least in name, and think of it as a solid place to work. To infuse the internet with that kind of information, and increase positive word-of-mouth communication, it is essential to take active control over your employer brand and inspire employees to espouse positive sentiment about working for your company.

2. Career value

The kind of offer you present to a prospective employee also sends a signal about your employer brand and is crucial to effective recruitment. If the offer does not include a competitive salary, or the benefits aren’t anything special, you’re less likely to recruit top talent. The most valued professionals also want to work in a situation that will allow them to grow their careers.

If, conversely, your job offers are very competitive, your company provides a very real promise of career growth and the job features other opportunities that are attractive to your audience, such as international travel or work-life balance measures, your brand will be elevated, and your hiring efforts will be successful more often.

3. Corporate culture

Smart hiring personnel realize the way company culture is perceived by job applicants plays a critical role in their decision to apply to a job opening. Your organizational culture is also a crucial part of your employer brand. If your business is renowned for its camaraderie and presence in the local community, those cultural aspects can solidify your recruiting efforts.

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