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Having Trouble Finding a Job? Work With an IT Staffing Company Like Thompson Technologies!

Jobs in the information technology industry can be incredibly lucrative, but finding the right opportunity for your career can be a challenge.

If you’re having a difficult time locating a high-quality job posting, getting hiring personnel to respond to applications or figuring out where to start looking for a new job, then partnering with an IT staffing agency like Thompson Technologies might be a good idea.

Here are a handful of reasons why you might want to work with an IT staffing company on your job search.

More options

An IT staffing agency will be able to find an opportunity that suits your abilities and experience. If you would like to work in information technology but you’re not sure which job matches your skills and aspirations, then a staffing company can set you on the right path.

You can be connected to opportunities in security, networking, systems administration, software development, project management or many other types of IT jobs. A staffing agency will use in-depth knowledge to ensure you get put into best-fit opportunities.

More access to jobs

If you’ve searched internet job boards and haven’t found any job opportunities you are qualified for or interested in pursuing, then applying to a staffing agency might be your best bet to move forward.

Some of the biggest companies rely solely on staffing agencies to source IT talent, meaning they’re not posting their job opportunities. When you work with an IT staffing firm, you’ll have access to this “hidden” job market. You’ll be able to apply to jobs you didn’t know existed and couldn’t apply to without an inside connection.

More efficiency in job searching

Not only will an IT staffing agency do the groundwork in finding great job opportunities for you, it won’t charge you for looking. Companies hire staffing agencies to locate talent, so this means staffing agencies are highly motivated to place people with a company and in a position where they’ll thrive.

To put it another way, a staffing company works for you, supplementing any work you do yourself, like checking job boards, researching businesses or networking.

Better networking

Network connections are essential in the business world. If you’re ambitious about your career, you must network and make connections with people in the industry. When you work with an IT staffing agency and work various jobs, you’ll get to meet hiring personnel, other IT professionals, and people in management who could help your career down the road. You could also get a foot in the door in a company you wish would hire you full time.

At Thompson Technologies, we provide a much wider range of options and career possibilities than job seekers might otherwise have if they go it alone. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your career.

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