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How to Get the Most Out of Working With IT Recruiters

Hiring IT talent is one of many integral business functions, and it’s extremely difficult to do right.

Partnering with IT recruiters at an agency can considerably streamline your hiring system and ensure you’re getting high-quality applicants. If your company is going to partner with a recruiter, there are some secrets to getting the most out of that relationship. When building this relationship, it’s essential to understand how various processes line up, have a strong internal hiring team, maintain transparency and encourage hiring of passive candidates.

Realizing process alignment

An essential first step is to get a handle on how your company’s hiring and candidate screening really works, and then align that with your recruiting partner’s system as much as possible. The alignment process should involve looking at your recruiter’s locating, screening, interviewing and qualification operations and seeing how they are comparable to what you do in-house. For instance, these processes should have similar timelines and focus on finding applicants with similar values.

Developing a trusting relationship

Investing time and energy into building a strong relationship with a recruiter is a key step. Getting a hiring partner involved with the leadership team gives the talent partner an opportunity to see how your business works, as well as understand its culture, mission and values.

That level of involvement helps recruiters better comprehend the type of applicant that not just has the technical skills, but also would be a great cultural fit.

Having a strong internal hiring team

It’s crucial to have candidate-facing staff members who know enough about IT to have meaningful discussions with applicants. This team can also play a role in evaluating resumes and cover letters, including the abilities, experience and achievements listed in those documents.

Prioritizing transparency

Recruiters, whether internal or external, won’t discover the best talent if you’re not completely transparent about the available job, what you’re trying to find in a candidate, your timeline, your salary range and the degree of competitiveness for the position.

A recruiting partner should know the status of a budget approval or if the resources available are still unknown. Most importantly, a recruiting partner needs the proper information to fill the position.

Seeking passive candidates

Any decent recruiting partner will actively seek passive candidates, or people who are already employed but would be open to leaving for the right opportunity. Although these individuals aren’t actively searching, if you can attract them, it means they genuinely want to come work for you, they believe in what you’re doing and want to contribute.

Seeing turnover as a good thing

While you ought to try and keep turnover as low as possible, you don’t necessarily have to dread it. Every company can benefit from the new ideas and new ways of thinking that new employees bring. A recruiting partner can help infuse your company with these new ideas and approaches, particularly if you make this intention known.

At Thompson Technologies, we work tirelessly with our clients to ensure they have a talent acquisition process that works for them. Please contact us today to find out how we can work with your company.

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