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How is AI Impacting the Customer Experience?

Today’s customers live in a transparent world chock full of options, but most businesses still push customers onto legacy engagement pathways that simply feel outdated.

This approach is becoming even more outdated as artificial intelligence is increasingly used to provide a smart, easy and robust customer experience at any point on a customer’s journey. The use of AI results in all-new customer experiences that still feel natural to customers.

An AI-powered customer experience is also good for business. Data insights are one of many tools for the enhancement of customer experience. However, datasets surrounding the customer experience are muddled, as the customer behaviors are highly random. The guidelines are undefined and the criteria for success can be ambiguous. Concurrently, this intricacy is exactly why AI can do so much across the customer experience. People working in sales, call center staff and other customer-facing employees cannot be expected to process a customer’s total history with the company to generate insights in real-time.

Providing a defined experience across all touchpoints calls for discovering patterns across a massive amount of data points. The stage is set for AI to completely flip the script.

Consider the following ways AI is revolutionizing the customer experience or will do so in the very near future.

Real-time insights

For AI to truly affect customer experience, insights have to be processed in the moment at the customer’s particular touchpoint and integrating with these touchpoints is essential to in-the-moment engagement.

Most top SaaS platforms have APIs and regard 3rd-party integrations to be a vital part of their value proposition. In addition to sophisticated SaaS data streams, most companies must depend on multiple on-site, proprietary and legacy touchpoint data sources — product interfaces, point-of-sale systems and so on. This reality results in challenges for providing real-time insights, and systems are still very much a custom matter.

However, analytics platforms are now bridging this gap with many API choices and development kits to offer thorough, real-time touchpoint integration with very little investment.

Customer analytics

An exceptional customer encounter is attained when a business recalls a customer and treats them with individualized attention and consideration.

AI-backed analytics can dig through much bigger and more intricate data to reveal more insight and opportunities. Consequently, companies can prioritize these insights rather than investing in analyzing underlying information.

AI-enabled analytics can track every single customer connection even without specifically being told to do so. It can foresee future behaviors with high precision, while concurrently locating the drivers of and obstacles to performance.

Better personalization

Artificial intelligence is allowing companies to produce experiences that naturally blend into consumers’ lives. Consumers will no longer adjust behavior when interacting with brands to be able to get what they need. Smart prediction and personalization will make customers feel as if each product or brand experience was customized for them.

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