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Learn About Ways to Enhance Your Cybersecurity

Every company with an online presence should be concerned about cybersecurity. Hackers can do anything from posting offensive content on social media to stealing customer credit card information.

Small and mid-sized companies should be particularly concerned about cybersecurity, as they are especially vulnerable to attack. However, surveys regularly show that companies of this size don’t have a cybersecurity plan in place.

If you feel like your organization may be vulnerable to cyber-attack, you need to step up your level of cybersecurity. Consider the following steps to boost the level of cybersecurity at your company.

Determine your level of vulnerability

To gauge the strength of your cybersecurity plan, you must perform a thorough assessment. This process typically involves gathering your IT leadership team and staff members to perform an informal audit. Then, together with company leaders, the IT team should review, rank and prioritize your assets to decide what cybersecurity measures should be adopted and if security should be managed internally or externally.

Train your staff members

There’s a saying that the weakest link of any company’s cybersecurity plan is its employees. Therefore, you must train staff members to adhere to fundamental security concepts. This includes the usage of strong passwords, maintaining proper internet use and dealing cautiously with customer data. Training programs could include a stock test package or phishing models to teach employees how to identify standard indicators of an attack.

Put strong policies in place

At the very least, your company needs an acceptable use policy. Restrict worker access to sensitive information and allow access based on each person’s job and duties. Have someone responsible for tracking firewall, antivirus and anti-malware logs on a regular schedule. Develop models for cybersecurity attacks and determine your game plan, including processes for reacting to a cyber-attack or similar emergency.

Put strong security measures in place

It is critical your company does not to rely solely on anti-virus software for security. Most businesses use something much more robust.

Think about what your company truly needs when considering security options, including antivirus programs, firewalls, data back-up systems, encryption, two-step authentication and password-based systems. Get application controls so your hardware only uses a preapproved group of business-essential programs. Finally, purge any free, basic and trial versions of security programs. These might seem like harmless software inclusions, but they actually can function as toeholds for hackers to gain access to sensitive areas.

Bring in experts

Even though you may have IT resources, consult with a cybersecurity expert on a regular basis. If you don’t have an IT resource, think about using a third-party provider to talk to IT experts as you need them. Finally, perform an external review to make certain your company’s information and network are secure and up-to-date.

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