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Tips for Interviewing Entry-Level Candidates

Entry-level jobs can be especially tricky to recruit for because unlike recruiting for roles that have a more seasoned candidate base, hiring managers often have to read between the lines and determine if a candidate will be successful.

Entry-level candidates have limited work experience, and how the candidate presents themselves in the interview process is a major factor. Because of this, knowing what to ask the candidate during the interview is integral to a successful hire.

Consider the following interview questions the next time you have to hire an entry-level professional.

Why do you want this job?

The last thing you want to do is hire someone who is just in it for the paycheck. You might appreciate the honesty of someone who says they just need a job right now, but honesty alone isn’t going to make them a good employee.

The ideal applicant should answer this question by talking about a passion for their industry and seeing a long future for themselves in this line of work.

Do you have previous experiences that would be valuable here?

Obviously, an entry-level applicant isn’t going to respond to this question by rattling off a list of past duties, because they can’t. That makes this a difficult question and challenging entry-level applicants allows you to see what they are made of.

Also, entry-level applicants should be able to talk about relevant experiences, even though they may not have had them at a full-time paying job. For instance, they might be able to talk about holding important responsibilities at a part-time job or learning about disadvantage people through volunteer work.

How do you see your typical day here?

If someone has researched the role and your company, they should be able to give you a description of a typical day that is at least in the same ballpark as an actual day on the job.

The response to this question can also give you a sense of an applicant’s comfort level in talking about various skills they’d need to handle job responsibilities.

How would you bring a problem with a specific process to your superior’s attention?

This question is meant to show not only how an applicant might deal with issues, but also how they interact with management. Ideally, an applicant would talk about conferring with co-workers first before elevating the issue to a supervisor. They should also talk about looking into the various aspects of the problem and getting as much information as possible.

What are you looking to learn at this job?

All entry-level candidates have a lot to learn and the most insightful ones have a sense of the specific skills and experiences they want to gain when they apply to a job.

At Thompson Technologies, we help our clients find the best talent possible for their open positions, from entry level all the way up to executive suite. If your company is currently looking for talent acquisition assistance, please contact us today.

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