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As 2018 tech issues like ‘data overload’ and ‘moving to the cloud’ fade into the rearview mirror, they are being replaced by a whole host of other problems.

Some of the biggest issues expected to crop up in IT this year include new security threats, data protection, innovation and digital transformation, multi-cloud security and lack of agility.

1) New cybersecurity threats

We live in tumultuous times and it seems like every week a cybersecurity-related headline pops up.

For instance, the recent government shutdown significantly increased the exposure of U.S. infrastructure to various threats. Due to the shutdown, a lot of the security professionals looking for threats at a national level were not working, creating a sizeable opportunity for attackers. We’ll have to wait and see if weeks of diminished defenses will have major consequences in 2019 and beyond.

Meanwhile, tech leaders are bracing for next-generation, AI-powered cyberattacks. Some in the tech industry have predicted 2019 will be the year AI-powered attacks strike businesses, essential infrastructure and government agencies.

2) Data protection

Thanks to Europe’s GDPR policy, international companies are now integrating privacy into their products at the planning stage, ensuring their efforts fulfill GDPR standards. U.S. companies are projected to mull over a policy similar to GDPR to protect user data before official guidelines are put into place.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is also a major data protection concern. The manufacturers of IoT devices still use susceptible software and inadequate communication security. Some device makers also don’t allow for software upgrades in the field.

Both GDPR and IoT concerns suggest data privacy legislation will be a major 2019 issue.

3) Innovation and digital transformation

Many business leaders say their organization needs to accelerate their digital transformation or risk losing a competitive edge. Furthermore, value stream-based funding models rather than project-based models are becoming more effective at connecting board-level objectives to cost factors.

4) Multi-cloud security

When looking at new cloud-based solutions, tech executives now have to ask about security across several platforms. Usually, a multi-cloud system leads to the management of various, often mismatched and irregular security systems. Choosing the right cross-cloud security platform is now fundamental in maintaining consistency, and above all, the comprehensive security of enterprise-wide assets despite where these assets are located.

5) Lack of agility

Companies that seek to integrate agile procedures occasionally find themselves limping along in a kind of hybrid scenario, one which includes agile practices but also more linear processes. In a nutshell, it’s the worst of both worlds.

A structured approach is required to pull this integration off, where the solution to particular issues are addressed inside a particular release. Each release is then synchronized for a group of sprints so a thorough solution that contributes to the UX is attained with every release and not only a collection of desired features that may not support each other.

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