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These Problems Could be Hindering Your Job Search

The process of job searching can be overwhelming and you might find yourself thinking, “Why can’t I land a job offer?”

The modern recruitment process is based on the concept of funneling down large pools of applicants to find one “perfect” candidate. That process is fraught with many potential obstacles that can derail your chances of landing that coveted position, but avoiding common missteps in the job search process can help you stand out in a sea of other job seekers.

Lack of Focus

One of the most common missteps can happen before your job search even begins, and that is lacking clear focus in what type of job you are looking for. When faced with a list of open positions, your first inclination may be to apply to all of them. Devoting a concentrated effort to your Top Three potential employers will ensure you are bringing your A-game to each interaction along the hiring process.

Your First Impression

Your resume and cover letter should always put your best foot forward. Hiring managers are sometimes dealing with hundreds of applicants for one position, and your first contact with them can make or break you.

Submitting a resume that is not catered to that specific job opening or company is a quick way to wind up in the rejection pile. Treat each submitted resume and cover letter as an opportunity to set you apart from the herd. Highlight experience and skills that are a direct fit to the job you are applying for. Avoid ‘fluff’ like extraneous experience and skills.

Social Presence

Make sure you are presenting yourself in a professional manner across your social media accounts. Your LinkedIn profile can be a vital asset in your job search if presented correctly. Use your headline as an opportunity to show what makes you stand out from the crowd. Make connections to broaden your network and reach out to people that may influence decision making at prospective employers. The more you are able to make your presence known the strong our chance of landing the ideal position.

Take It Personally

The human element of the job search process is still what can push your application ahead of your competition. Taking the time to send thoughtful correspondence to a hiring manager versus just parking your resume on a job-board site, will always show a level of interest on your behalf that most of your applicant peers will lack. Learning more about an individual, company or organization before applying will go a long way in “connecting” with your potential employer 

Don’t Take It Too Personally

It is natural to internalize this rejection; however, the fault may not be in your skills and abilities. Many employers have switched to systems to prescreen resumes based on tracking systems and AI computer software programs. When you are rejected, don’t take it to heart, but instead use it as a learning experience to fine-tune your next application.

At Thompson Technologies, we work hard to help frustrated job seekers find opportunities. Please contact us today if you are currently frustrated with your job search.

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