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What Managers Should Look For When Interviewing Candidates

When a candidate walks in for an interview, they are often most worried about saying all the right things and being more impressive than the competition. The best interviewers, on the other hand, aren’t as focused on catching candidate slip-ups or comparing the candidate in front of them to the rest of the pack.

Instead, top hiring managers are looking for intangibles like communication ability, humility and problem solving. These interviewers know that who they hire must be part of a team that works together to overcome challenges and setbacks.

Consider the following qualities that top managers look for when interviewing candidates.

The ability to communicate tech

The ability to talk about something as intricate and laborious as technology in a clear, interesting way is probably the most essential assessment quality for hiring managers. Therefore, you should be prepared to talk about some of your best work.

The best applicants supply just enough context for an interviewer to understand a past project, then go into particular challenges they faced. Ideal candidates should also be capable of talking about the origin of the project, specific demands, their role, various solutions and positive outcomes.

Hiring managers don’t just pay attention to the specifics of the project; they also analyze the candidate’s degree of passion based on how they discuss the work.


When applicants are asked about past individual or team mistakes, the worst thing they can do is blame someone else or not admit to a time when something went awry.

The ideal response is to admit to a bad decision or assume responsibility for an error before quickly shifting to what was learned from the situation. A desire to embrace mistakes, learn, grow and stretch as a professional is what hiring managers want to see in their candidates, as it’s a major sign of emotional maturity.

Ability to handle missed deadlines

In a perfect world, deadlines would never be missed. However, anyone who has ever worked in a professional setting knows deadlines are missed all the time.

Therefore, hiring personnel often ask applicants to talk about an occasion when they missed a deadline and how they handled it.

Regrettably, many applicants don’t answer this question well. Often, a candidate will focus on how they always work tirelessly to fulfill the deliverables. However, a good applicant will talk about keeping their manager, colleagues and other stakeholders in the loop, particularly when a missed deadline appears to be looming.


It’s crucial for qualified applicants to convey passion, particularly for the company’s mission, work and products or services. Applicants who can talk about company values and processes have done their homework and should show both curiosity and interest by asking insightful questions.

Moreover, research has revealed that staff members who are engaged with the company’s mission are more effective and less prone to quit for a different opportunity.

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