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How IT Professionals Can Improve Their Resume

Because an amazing job opportunity can fall into your lap at a moment’s notice, there’s never a bad time to update your resume. And, for tech professionals, the odds of stumbling upon a great job opportunity are pretty high.

Despite the deck being stacked in favor of tech job seekers, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any competition for good jobs. If you get lazy with respect to your resume or interview prep, you can bet that a more prepared applicant will beat you out for a great job.

Given the importance of keeping your resume updated and looking good, consider the following ways you can improve your tech resume.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Some people put every single skill they have on their resume in the hopes that volume will impress a hiring manager. However, the typical resume gets reviewed for less than a minute and stuffing the document with every skill you have makes it much harder to get a sense of a candidate in a short time span.

When they look over resumes, hiring managers want to get a sense of a candidate as quickly as possible. Your job, then, is to feature only your skills that are listed in the job description, and any others you think might be very relevant to the position you’ll be seeking. Be sure to leave off any skills that are not relevant to the next job you want.

Write Clearly and Professionally

While the main point of a resume is to communicate your qualifications, the subtext of a resume tells a hiring manager what type of professional you are. For instance, a resume full of buzzwords sends a much different message than a bare-bones resume.

Your best bet is to play it conservative when it comes to wording. Avoid using language that might overstate your abilities and accomplishments. Try to steer clear of clichés and trendy words.

Although you should allow yourself some room for vibrant language to make for interesting reading, you should let your skills and accomplishments speak for themselves.

Avoid Templates and Fancy Formats

Some people are tempted to use fancy resume formats or templates, perhaps ones found on the internet. Unless you’re a web designer who focuses on visuals, don’t be one of those people.

For one thing, the automated software many employers use to scan resumes can have problems with unusual formats and relegating these resumes to the bottom of the digital pile as a result. Second, flamboyant templates and resumes can make is seem like you’re trying too hard and overcompensating.

Get A Second Set of Eyes

One big advantage of tweaking your resume now, rather than at the drop of a hat, is that you can enlist someone else to look it over for typos and other mistakes.

Let Us Be Your Second Set of Eyes

At Thompson Technologies, we often help IT professionals improve their resumes so they can take advantage of various job opportunities. Please contact us today and let us be another set of eyes to look over your resume!

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