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Tips For Becoming a Better IT Manager

Even though IT managers deal with very technical subject matter, becoming a better manager typically involves improving ‘soft skills’ – interpersonal skills like teaching ability and delegation. Consider the following soft skills and how working on them can make you a better leader.


From the privacy problems at Facebook to the toxic cultural issues at Uber, the tech industry is rife with cautionary tales of hubris and arrogance. Success in any industry can make company leaders dismiss legitimate concerns.

An ideal approach is to maintain confidence in your own abilities, while being self-aware enough to realize you have blind spots. Be ready to admit when you don’t know something and be open to feedback. Be sure to include different points of view when assembling your team.

Business Know How

Business expertise is crucial to understanding how an organization functions, as well as how users and clients benefit from the company’s technology. Business knowledge helps IT leaders make a case for investments in technology and advocate for their staff members’ interests.


Stopping cyberattacks isn’t solely the duty of cybersecurity experts. Every IT manager now has some accountability when it comes to reducing risk and supporting the security of the company, its infrastructure, and the data it handles.

Teaching Ability

Research from the tech giant Google has shown the capability to teach, coach, and discuss insights was one of the most crucial behaviors of its top managers. Furthermore, a recent survey revealed that tech professionals who intend to change jobs will seek chances to advance their abilities, and for that, they’ll need coaching.

Bottom line: Teaching ability is fundamental to leadership in today’s tech industry.

Communicating Within Multigenerational Distributed Teams

According to projections, half of the workforce in the U.S. will be working remotely by the end of the decade. With the number of remote employees and contractors increasing at a rapid rate, the capability to keep a distributed workforce on the same page and engaged is a significant management priority moving forward.

Also, there are many different generations in today’s workplace, and leaders need to be able to turn that diversity into a benefit.


Many IT managers earned promotions by utilizing their technical talents, perhaps to save troubled projects or meet looming deadlines. These technical gurus can end up being less effective leaders if they don’t learn how to delegate technical tasks.

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