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Never Do These 5 Things on Your Resume!

Getting interest from a potential employer after submitting a resume is no easy task, and many people make things even more difficult by making massive errors.

Major resume mistakes may seem obvious and easy to avoid, but you’d be surprised at how often they appear. Some of the biggest mistakes include too much self-praise, relying on overused buzzwords, using design elements and not showing the impact you’ve had at past jobs.

Avoid the following at all costs when composing your resume.

Being Braggadocious

Describing yourself as “the best” or “the greatest” can easily come off as cheap talk, especially if you don’t have a long list of accomplishments to back up those claims.

Similarly, never overstate your achievements; it’s pretty easy for a hiring manager or staffing company to authenticate the claims on your resume. Even if they can’t contact a previous employer or other source directly to verify something on your resume, these professionals have extensive networks and years of experience in sniffing out false claims

Relying on Buzzwords

We tend to use buzzwords as a kind of shorthand, a way to tell someone else, “I’m hip. I’m ‘with it.’”

Buzzwords may be harmless in social situations, but they can be a little too cute on a resume. Instead of describing yourself as a “coding ninja” or talking about “synergy,” focus on being understated, professional and letting your listed achievements to do talking.

Using Flashy Design Elements

Microsoft Word and other programs are stuffed with various fonts and templates that can be tempting to use. However, unless you’re in a field like graphic design or web design, getting creative with your resume is probably a bad idea, since flashy resume templates don’t really tell a hiring manager anything. These design elements can also make for more difficult reading.

Plus, many employers use an Applicant Tracking System capable of automatically scanning resumes for keywords and phrases, such as “JavaScript” or “customer service.” These software programs can have trouble with unconventional layouts and fonts.

Not Using Hard Numbers to Show Impact

Listing where you’ve worked in the past and your accomplishments is the most basic thing you can do on a resume. Unfortunately, too many people neglect to quantify how they used their abilities to make an impact in various jobs.

Be sure to use hard numbers and list tangible achievements that show the positive impacts you’ve had throughout your career.

Inadequately Proofreading

Typos and bad grammar will get you eliminated from every single application process, full stop. Once you’ve put together a final version of your resume, to refresh your perspective, and then proofread. Also, have a trusted friend look over your resume to ensure its free of typos and bad grammar.

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