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How to Get Started Learning Python

Python is a powerful programming language that is commonly used by many large tech companies, including Dropbox and Google.

Python is probably one of the most widely used programming languages because of its flexibility. It is also easy to understand and read, which makes it well suited for beginners. Perhaps best of all, a working knowledge of the language can mean sizeable compensation.

If you’re interested in learning Python for web development, data analytics or something else, you should start by downloading the most recent version of Python to your computer. As soon as you have done that, look into the following resources to get you started and keep you going.

Think Python

The book Think Python was written as a high school or college textbook and designed for readers without a deep understanding of computer science or complex math. The book starts off with a walkthrough of essential programming concepts. Later sections include topics like functions, data structures and object-oriented programming. Free to read online, Think Python concentrates on primary concepts without doing a deep dive on the more intricate facets of the language.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for the Total Beginner

Accessible for free online, this book shows how to create programs that search for text, complete online forms, search the web, format spreadsheet information, manipulate PDFs, send emails and download data.

Detailed directions take you step-by-step through programs and practice projects. At the conclusion of each chapter, the reader is asked to make sample programs better and automate tasks using the lessons covered in the chapter.

Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming

This book lays out Python basics in a simple manner, with the intent of slowly building skills for bigger and bigger challenges. The book starts by covering classes, dictionaries, lists and loops. The last sections deal with projects on data visualizations, a web application and a video game. The book also offers tools for fixing programming errors.


Python is slowly becoming a premier programming language for data analysis. The online platform DataCamp offers many in-depth and interactive classes for a range of abilities. Topics including machine learning, data management and data processing. DataCamp costs $29 a month on a month-by-month basis, or $25 a month for a year-long subscription.

The Online Python Community

There are numerous online groups for Python programmers, included PyLadies, a mentorship group with a focus on women using the language. Also, there are a wide range of mailing lists and newsgroups for Python, including a mailing list for asking questions, a Usenet group and a mailing list covering the various Python-related conferences.

There are also many language-related internet relay chat (IRC) channels, including #python, where programmers can get rapid assistance with various technical issues.

Let Us Help You on Your Python Journey

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