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The Importance of Following up With Candidates

Many companies treat following up with job candidates as a courtesy; something that would be nice to do to burnish the company brand, but not a necessity.

However, following up on candidate’s inquiries or just keeping them in the loop with respect to the process is essential to landing top candidates on a consistent basis. Consider the following reasons why your company should be following up with applicants.

It Keeps Them Engaged in the Process

A hiring process can take several weeks, and top candidates may have multiple applications out at any given time. To help prevent another employer from “stealing” an applicant out from under your nose, you should be doing everything you can to keep candidates engaged in your process, which includes following up.

They Could Be Back

If a candidate is highly skilled and experienced but just not a good fit for the position you are trying to fill, you should want them to walk away from the process respecting you and your organization. Then, if a better-fit position opens up down the road, you wouldn’t have burned that bridge.

Candidates Can Be Customers Too

Hiring managers may be inclined to think that if a candidate gets turned down from a job, it may be the last interaction they have with the company. However, this is rarely the case. Not only should hiring managers be thinking about a candidate applying again when they are more qualified, they should also be thinking about a candidate as a potential consumer.

Think about it: How many times have you had a bad application experience with a company and afterward, it tainted the way you thought about that company’s products or services?

Top Candidates Pay Attention to Employer Reviews

Thanks to employer review sites like Glassdoor, job seekers can easily get a grasp on how a company treats both its employees and those who apply to open positions. While some applicants may not do a deep analysis of how a company treats applicants, high-quality candidates will do their homework.

Following Up is a Differentiator

Surveys show one of the biggest complaints of job seekers is not hearing back from a potential employer. Because not following up is quite common, your company can stand out from the competition by keeping applicants in the loop.

While it shouldn’t be your only means of communication, automated emails are a good tool to at least let applicants know their email has been received, and they are easy to set up.

People Talk

Employer reviews aren’t the only way people get their information about a company, and an employer shouldn’t just be worried about their brand in the labor market. Simply put, people talk, and if your company isn’t doing a good job of following up with candidate, word will get around. The result being a hit to the overall brand of your company.

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