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4 Ways To Retain Top Tech Talent

With a surging economy and a tight labor market, employers are desperate to hold on to their talent, particularly their tech talent, and especially their top tech talent.

In a recent survey of tech professional by Dice, 45 percent of respondents said they expect to change jobs in 2019. That survey should set off alarm bells for employers, who need to do as much as they can to keep their best tech people from leaving.

Given the current situation, consider the following suggestions on how your organization can keep its top tech talent.

Be Open to Negotiation

The Dice survey of tech professionals also found 68 percent of respondents who said they were looking to change jobs saying they want higher pay. For employers, the message is clear: Get ready to negotiate over more pay.

If you’re a business not able to negotiate pay, think about offering other forms of compensation and desirables, like paying for tech workers to attend industry events, comprehensive health insurance packages and childcare support. These benefits are prized by developers and you can identify others by simply asking your tech team about the kinds of perks they want.

Support Certifications

Certification and learning opportunities are very popular with tech professionals, and yet, surveys show hardly any employers offer these opportunities to their staff. Although around half of tech professionals have a certification, around one-third of those who don’t say time constraints or unsupportive employers are the main reasons they don’t have one. This set of factors indicates that certifications are a very effective tool for retaining and attracting top tech talent.

In addition to being an effective retention tool, certifications also benefit the company that offers them, as they grow the company’s internal skill set.

Eliminate the Blame Game

Staying away from the “blame game” when things go wrong is crucial to making certain IT staff members feel supported and empowered. A culture that doesn’t point fingers as a default position lets employees know they have agency and permission to take sensible risks. Because it can be difficult to pull off, this type of culture is highly sought after by top talent.

Problems are likely to crop up from time to time, and when they do, it’s important to deemphasize the sense of blame. Instead, focus on learning from mistakes and avoiding the same issues down the road.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

No one wants to feel constrained in their careers, and given all the opportunities out there, it’s very likely for top tech workers to leave for greener pastures.

To keep top talent engaged, provide paths for advancement that are actually followed, and not just empty promises. Furthermore, make clear paths, both people who want to be in management and those who are happy as individual contributors. Having top tech talent in both kinds of jobs can allow a company to thrive while keeping its people happy.

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