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It’s Time to Update Your Out of Date Resume! Learn How.

If you are currently employed and happy with your situation, you probably aren’t worried about updating your resume.

However, your job situation can change unexpectedly. For instance, management might suddenly lay off your department. Given that possibility and others, it’s never a bad idea to keep resume updated.

Spending a bit of time every other month updating your resume is a particularly good idea if you’re keen on regularly learning new abilities, taking on new responsibilities or racking up notable achievements. Below is a short list of things to look at when periodically reviewing your resume.

Update Your Keywords

Technologies and techniques rise and fall in popularity. Something that was an industry standard five years ago may be a punchline today.

Be sure that your resume doesn’t list any skills, technologies and procedures that are outdated. Ensure your listed abilities, which tend to be keywords hiring managers are seeking, are up-to-date. Having just one outdated phrase can make you seem out of touch, killing your chances of getting a job.

Get Rid of Your GPA (If It’s Still On There)

When you’re just starting out, your GPA serves as a barometer of your ability for potential employers. Once you have a few years of experience under your belt, you can get rid of your GPA, as well as any chance of being seen as still hanging onto the past. It is still important to list your school, as many hiring managers still want to see where you went.

Update Your Listed Skills

If you’ve advanced in your abilities and experience, odds are pretty good that you’re seeking a different type of job than you were the last time around. For instance, you might be finally looking to land your first job in management.

It’s a good idea to update your skills, achievements and projects on a regular basis. If you are looking to land that job in management, you may want to tweak your achievements to showcase any examples of leadership. Even if you don’t plan on taking on a different role in your next job, it never hurts to polish up this section of your resume.

Consider Eliminating Your First Jobs

If you have around a decade of experience or more and multiple employers in your career, it is probably a good idea to get rid of the entry-level jobs on your resume. It’s particularly worth taking those out if you need more room for recent achievement and more up-to-date abilities. Hiring managers don’t care about entry-level jobs you had a long time ago, but if you think taking them out makes your Work History section look a little thin, you could still list these early employers and employment dates under an “Early Career” subsection.

Let Us Help You Update Your Resume

At Thompson Technologies, we regularly help job seekers find and apply to great job opportunities. If you are currently looking for your next opportunity, please contact us today for assistance.

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