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The Top 5 Programming Languages You’ll Need to Know for the Future

While some programming languages, like Ruby and Haskell, appear to be headed for the digital dustbin of history, other languages are rising up to take their place.

If you’re like most people in the tech industry, always looking to the future, you should keep an eye on the following five programming languages.


Swift was ostensibly designed by Apple to replace Objective-C, the decades-old language that helped to create the company’s massive galaxy of apps. Since its introduction five years ago, Swift has grown increasingly popular and appears to be well on its way to replacing Objective-C.

Although Objective-C is still kicking, Apple is successfully getting folks to move on, and given the popularity of the company’s apps, Swift is a language that all app developers need to know moving forward. The adoption of Swift will only be hastened by Apple’s recent support of cross-platform apps, which could run on both macOS and iOS.


Kotlin owes a great deal of its prominence to Google selecting it as a first-class language for Android. A 2018 developer survey by the software development company Pusher indicated the use of Kotlin has grown substantially due to its association with the mobile operating system. The language is also very popular with developers because of its many features and versatility.


Already an extremely popular language, Python continues to see green up-arrows on the highly regarded TIOBE Index, which reports monthly on the popularity of programming languages.

Python is still growing in popularity, occasionally at the expense of less-popular programming languages. Without a doubt, tech professionals appear to be continuously figuring out new ways to use Python, including in areas like machine learning and analytics.

Considering Python’s massive user base, and deep roots in a wide range of companies, it seems like Python isn’t going anywhere in the near future: It will continue to grow and make in-roads.


Groovy is another programming language that is a steady climber up the TIOBE Index. According to tech industry observers, the language appears poised for future dominance thanks to its robust IDE support, resemblance to Java and integration with the open-source automation server Jenkins.

Because Groovy functions so well as ‘connective tissue’ in many different systems, it is well-positioned to be a key language moving forward.


Technically a superset of JavaScript, TypeScript has recently been touted as a language of the future by both RedMonk and GitHub. Also, around this time last year, TIOBE said the language was significantly encroaching on JavaScript’s turf.

Although there are critics who say TypeScript isn’t a stand-alone language, more like a refined JavaScript, the amount of praise and support that TypeScript is getting can’t be ignored and the language is positioned for major popularity growth.

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