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Learn How to Create a Company Employees Will Never Want to Leave

Building a product or providing a service can seem simple compared to building a company.

It is even more challenging to build a company where employees enjoy working. An effective way to keep good people is to create a meritocracy. Company leaders should support and engage staff members who work hard, get results, treat others with respect, and work to make the company succeed.

Upholding a meritocracy also means keeping sycophants, deceivers, and mercenaries from thriving. Sycophants are those employees who are more focused on office politics than their job duties. Deceivers will say whatever necessary to make themselves look good and stay out of trouble. Mercenaries have a me-first mentality and little or no loyalty to the company.

In addition to not letting these types of employees flourish, it is also critical to recognize and get rid of stubborn managers who lean on old habits and office politics, as opposed to trusting, empowerment and critical thinking.

Supporting Meritocracy with Three Principles

Meritocracy in the context of a company should be based on three principles: productivity, positivity, and loyalty.

You can’t sustain a meritocracy without looking at worker productivity. Correctly assessing contributions and results makes it easy for everybody to understand why various people within your business get hired, fired, promoted, demoted, or a pay raise.

To measure employee productivity accurately, it is essential to have clear, fair, and quantifiable metrics that are applied evenly to everybody. There should be no dispute about which employees are the most productive and which are the least.

Treating one another with positivity seems like something everybody should be doing instinctively. Regrettably, impolite, disrespectful people sometimes make it through a hiring process, especially if they can show an established track record of getting results. However, simply because someone might be good at sales or making widgets, that doesn’t mean your company should tolerate serial disruptions of team harmony.

Loyal staff members are invested in the success of the business and place an emphasis on shared successes. Regardless of how popular or results-driven staff members might be, if they aren’t loyal, they will be a drag on your company.

Ideally, all your current employees would be highly productive, positive, and loyal, and so would your future employees. However, this isn’t the case, and company leaders looking to establish a meritocracy must continuously be in the business of upholding these principles.

This isn’t to say that an employee caught in a lie or an employee needing productivity and time management improvement should be fired. For example, if the employee is loyal and upbeat but not the most productive, they should be coached to improve their performance. You still must figure out what HR decision works best for your company in each situation to maintain a solid meritocracy.

Let Us Help Your Company’s Meritocracy

At Thompson Technologies, we help companies build and sustain a meritocracy by providing them with best-fit candidates for their open positions. Please contact us today to find out how we can support a meritocracy at your organization.

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