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What You Need To Know About Taking a Personality Test

In some hiring processes, your ability to get a job offer could partially depend on a personality test.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 18 percent of employers use this kind of test in their hiring process. Although personality tests aren’t used by many employers and may never be, it is a good idea to be prepared for them when seeking a new job.

An employer should give you advance notice if a personality test will be a part of their hiring process. Find out the type of test you will take and how much time you will get to complete it. Then review the test format, the job requirements and the company’s culture to get a sense of the character traits and characteristics the company is looking for in its ideal candidate, which should be traits and characteristics you have.

Objective tests or inventories are personalities tests that involve rating statements as “true” or “false,” or rating the accuracy of a phrase on a numerical scale. These are the most standard kind of personality tests used to gauge applicants’ character traits and work habits.

Regardless of the type, a personality test is made to reveal things like the way you handle stress or if claims of being detail-oriented are true. If you can present the qualities that make you an attractive fit, you can present yourself in the best light to employers using these tests.

Sometimes a company is trying to find candidates with very specific traits; in other cases, they are attempting to obtain added context or information for their process. Every employer should have a formalized selection process that is applied evenly. If a personality test is involved, it should be administered in a way to avoids bias and discriminate. The test should be related to the job and proven to be useful in selecting the right candidates.

Knowing which factors play a role in decision-making can also allow you to determine the significance of personality and soft skills in the open position.

In a testing situation, be aware of your words and actions as much as possible, since the test administrator will follow how well you follow directions and interact with others. Later, the interviewer will try to determine if your test scores and responses to the interview questions line up. You might be eliminated from the process if it appears like you are attempting to somehow ‘game the test’, or if the test outcomes don’t align with interview results.

You should ask how a personality test will be used in the hiring process, who will see the results and if the results will be destroyed or deleted, which they should be due to privacy concerns. You should be wary of employers who don’t give clear and sensible responses to these questions. Regardless of whether you are given a personality test or not, the way you are treated during the candidate screening process reflects the company and its culture. You ought to be concerned if an employer doesn’t treat the process like a two-way street.

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