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How to Inspire Teamwork Among Your Employees

It might be cliché to say that a team is more than the sum of its parts, but there are countless examples in team sports where a group of people overcome individual shortcomings to achieve something great.

While there’s no magic wand when it comes to inspiring teamwork, team-building activities are effective in getting a group of people together on the same page. The following tips can make your team-building activities more effective and engaging.

Offer Food

People have been coming together over food since prehistoric times, and research has shown team-building activities that incorporate food are extremely popular. In a survey of 1,000 full-time employees by Nulab, 88 percent of team-building events attended by respondents included food. The survey also found that company lunches are one of the most effective and valuable kinds of team-building exercises.

Team-building During Work Hours

Regardless of how much your employees love their work, it’s always hard to get people to commit additional time to their job on evenings or weekends. If you’re able, organize team-building activities during the workday. Friday afternoons are the perfect time to let your team bond while unwinding ahead of the weekend.

Be sure to check vacations when planning a team-building event. The last thing you want is to organize a major activity when half of your team is out of the office.


You may think that the last thing employees should do to feel more connected to each other is to do volunteer work. However, people are inclined to feel good about an event when it involves helping others who are less fortunate.

Volunteering is also an excellent opportunity to let your staff members have input and make decisions. Your team is much more likely to enjoy the event and get something out of it if they are a part of the planning and preparations.

Consider Accessibility

In every office, there are always people who want to organize a team-building event that includes playing softball or running a 5k race. However, it’s essential to choose events in which everybody should be able to participate. If you choose an athletic event, for instance, those who aren’t fit or who have mobility issues will feel neglected, which is the reverse of what you are trying to achieve. It’s essential to be sensitive and ensure you select an activity that’s suitable for all.

That said, however, there are many benefits to physical activity, so if your staff members are up for it, go ahead and plan a 5k run, yoga class, or softball game.

Invite and Act on Feedback

After a team-building event, within a day or two, reach out to everyone who participated to thank them and ask for constructive feedback. Their responses should be factored in the planning of the next team-building event.

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