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Learn About the Skills Employers Are Demanding from Candidates

Every company wants skilled tech employees, but some tech skills are more valuable than others.

If you’re a technology professional, it’s in your professional and financial interest to know what skills employers are looking for in candidates right now. The industry demands people keep their skills current to stay relevant.

While it can be difficult to predict what skills will be in-demand, there has been significant research on the current demands and trends. Consider the following list of skills that are in-demand now and should be in-demand in the coming years.


DevOps is a term that refers to the concepts, methods, and tools used to reduce the development life cycle, allowing companies to deliver applications and tech services faster than ever.

A recent report indicated that jobs focused on DevOps have doubled in the last few years.

The rise in need for DevOps abilities is a consequence of businesses experiencing growing success by using it to produce high-quality applications and overwhelming returns, in contrast to companies that do not use DevOps.


Introduced in 1991, Python has been a pillar of back-end application development and has also become an essential data science language. Python has surpassed other languages in terms of active developers, and its popularity has soared tremendously with the language being one a top requisite for entry-level data jobs.

Many professionals are racing to take classes in Python, but the real key to sharpening Python skills is using them in real industry projects.

Software Development

Software developers create, install, evaluate, and maintain systems for web and mobile platforms. Companies want candidates with software development skills to remain relevant, as these professionals can build mobile apps and help streamline operations through software solutions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification

Given the rise of cloud computing, companies are increasingly looking to leverage cloud technology, and one AWS has become the go-to cloud solution. Covering 40 percent of worldwide market share, a subsidiary of Amazon, AWS, offers computing platforms, data storage, and analytics products. In addition to companies desperately seeking people with AWS skills, Amazon has been hiring many professionals to help them create and innovate more cloud systems.

IT professionals who are looking to learn more about AWS, to optimize their company’s cloud ecosystem, and to add to their skillset can receive AWS training on areas like Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and data storage services.


Cybersecurity experts are in demand due to the escalating attacks from hackers looking to steal customer data gathered by various organizations.

Currently, there is a massive gap in the labor market, and it’s believed that there may be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021. To put it another way, if you learn this skill now, you’d have a good chance of being successful and landing well-paying jobs.

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