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3 Benefits of Direct Hire Through a Staffing Agency

Every business is trying to find top talent that will exceed expectations in the work they do. With the proper staff members, your business will successfully run itself.

However, trying to find the ideal applicant can be time-consuming, and some businesses choose to go with a staffing company that has the proper expertise to identify the best applicants.

Many organizations use a staffing company to direct hire full-time employees. This process involves an employer communicating its exact talent need to the staffing agency. The staffing company then advertises the job, screens resumes, phone screens job seekers, and identifies top candidates. Finally, the employer will interview, present one or more offers, and hire a candidate who goes directly on their payroll. The staffing agency is paid for the services it provides.

If you are unsure whether using a staffing agency is the best option for a direct hire, consider the following benefits.

Less Use of In-house Time and Resources

Because companies typically have in-house hiring processes, there’s a temptation to think that in-house hiring is free. However, a typical hiring process costs resources, especially time and money. Hiring personnel must be paid to write job descriptions, screen resumes, read cover letters, perform interviews, and conduct background checks. Department managers and other personnel are often included in the process, and this means pulling them away from other important duties.

When a company chooses to use a direct-hire process through a staffing agency, it cuts out a lot of those in-house costs.

Insider Knowledge

Because of their specialized nature, staffing agencies have a significant degree of insider knowledge that often exceeds that of most human resource departments. The standard HR department has many other responsibilities beyond hiring, and it may be focused on one or two industries. On the other hand, a staffing company specializes in meeting and talking to people at many levels of various industries. This focus typically leads to a deep understanding of essential technology, techniques, and trends in various markets.

Recruiting companies can offer this specialized expertise at a relatively low cost compared to other third-party businesses.

Broader Access to Candidates

Staffing agencies possess a sizeable network of contacts and potential employees and one that is likely much bigger than that of the typical HR department. Generally, when a business wants employees to work for them, it has to advertise and attract applications, first and foremost. Staffing agencies are built on having a large network that they can tap into quickly.

For employers, this translates into quick contact with potential employees who are qualified and a good fit for the open position. When a staffing company is used for a direct hire, an employer could have a position filled within a couple of weeks, as opposed to an in-house process that could take several months.

Let Us Be Your Direct-Hire Solution

At Thompson Technologies, we provide these benefits and more to our clients. Please contact us today to find out how we can quickly and effectively fill your next open full-time position.

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