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Is Your Team Burnt Out? Here’s How to Tell

For those in HR or management, supporting employees’ well-being is a top priority, as it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep people healthy and productive.

However, with hectic schedules, work mounting up, and all kinds of different pressures, it can be challenging to notice burnout amid the chaos. Indications of worker burnout are not always in plain sight, such as outward expressions of frustration and anxiety. Below are a few top signs that your team may be burning out due to work stress, and what to do about it.

A Growing Sense of Disengagement

When an employee stops taking an active interest in what they do or has trouble paying attention to their work, it is a top indication of burnout. When someone is unenthusiastic about their job, it’s usually pretty apparent, especially coming from those who use to be highly engaged and motivated. If you see some of your brightest, best performers start to lose interest, and their performance starts to slip, you need to do something about it.

One practical approach is to be more inclusive of staff members when it comes to decision making. Try to get them to see that they are an integral part of the company, and their opinions matter. Be sure to act on the valuable input you receive from employees. Look for projects or tasks that you know they will enjoy and appreciate.

More Conflict than Usual

Conflict within a company is normal, and even healthy when appropriately channeled. However, if employees are constantly at each other over petty issues, they might be combative due to burnout.

Begin by showing gratitude toward any staff members who suddenly seem more irritable than usual. Reassurance and appreciation can go a long way in making anyone feel good, particularly workers. You might be amazed at how small words of gratitude can have a tremendous impact.

Higher Accidents and Absenteeism

Employees who are feeling burned out typically experience some kind of physical symptoms, and this means higher odds of them being absent from work. Some may be physically sick from persistent stress, while others may have a day where they decide to call in sick rather than come into work and deal with a highly stressful situation.

These burned-out staff members may also prone to more accidents while doing their job. This can be particularly concerning if they operate heavy machinery, deal with delicate items, or have to perform precise work with little room for error.

One effective approach is to look for a way to ease stress through scheduling. Let employees flex their schedules to take care of personal and health-related issues. Consider allowing some employees to work from home when the environment can be much less stressful.

Help Can Help You Reduce the Level of Stress on Your Staff

At Thompson Technologies, we work with our clients to ensure they have the proper staffing levels to avoid burnout. If you are currently looking to address an overabundance of work, please contact us today.

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