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The Four Key Components to Building a Career You Want

While it’s totally within your rights to build a career around making as much money as possible, most people want a career that has meaning and is rewarding on a personal level.

You can identify purposeful work in every industry, but not in every job. You might assume that meaningful work can be found in industries like healthcare, education, and the nonprofit sector. However, research has shown that job situations with mutual respect, personal freedom, a sense of impact, and professional growth are the key to a rewarding career. If you want a career you can be proud of, it’s important to pursue the four elements listen below.

1) Mutual Respect

Surveys show that a popular reason people quit their job is poor relationships with co-workers. Therefore, if you want a great career, you should prioritize jobs where there is a strong sense of respect and admiration among colleagues.

When you’re able to make mutual respect a major part of your career, it means more than just having co-workers you can joke around with and hang out with on the weekend. It also means having strong mentors you can turn to in times of stress and employees who aren’t afraid to bring bad news to their supervisors.

The challenge is finding situations where this kind of atmosphere exists. If you’re able to make yourself in-demand, through either your skills or your experience, you’re well positioned to pick and choose where you work. If you start working somewhere only to find a toxic atmosphere, you should feel secure enough to move on to another opportunity as quickly as possible.

2) Freedom

A rewarding career includes a significant amount of freedom. For some, that means the freedom to make decisions, share opinions, innovate, and take reasonable chances. Of course, with freedom comes responsibility, and it does take a significant amount of experience to be able to responsibly handle freedom in your job.

For others, freedom means the ability to pursue rewarding interests outside your career. That could mean a flexible work arrangement that allows you to work when and where you want. Or, it could mean a job that pays well enough to pursue an expensive hobby, like traveling the world.

3) Impact

Careers don’t last forever, and at the end of it, you’ll probably want to look back and be proud of what you accomplished.

For some people, having an impact means being able to help others by providing good products and services. In some fields where it can be hard to envision how your work benefits others, it helps to see the bigger picture and move toward positions where you can have more influence.

4) Growth

It is part of our inherent nature; to try to be the best we can be. If your career is filled with situations where you’re able to grow as a professional, master your trade and advance through the ranks – it is going to be an extremely rewarding one.

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